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Discussion in 'Transfer Rumours' started by The Mini, May 3, 2004.

  1. USArsenal

    USArsenal H.Y.I.C. Administrator

    shhh.. that's the secret weapon
  2. Armor for Sleep

    Armor for Sleep New Member Elite

    Throwing a name out there... Eriksen of Ajax.

    Only saw him a couple of times but his class was obvious. Seems to be very highly rated by those in the know. Problem is he seems to be made out for a central/no 10 role but he has pace, can dribble and has great striking ability.

    As far as i know he has been used wide for Ajax at times, so i wonder could he do a job for us in attack? Even if he isn't the perfect solution, he'd be worth the investment. Looks like he has the makings of a world class AM.
  3. USArsenal

    USArsenal H.Y.I.C. Administrator

    Eriksen as in Christian Eriksen, the kid who ran England ragged during their match v. Denmark?

    the kids a huge Barca fan and has said he would like to play there but has no plans of leaving Ajax at the current time (4 years on his contract)
  4. Armor for Sleep

    Armor for Sleep New Member Elite

    Ye Christian. Barca DNA ey... scrap that then.

    While i'm here:


    Out: Almunia, Squilacci, Denilson, Rosicky, Arshavin, Bendtner
  5. outlaw_member

    outlaw_member New Member

    In: Baines (£10M), Sturridge (£8M), McEachran (£5M), Young (£12M), Sinclair (£11M), Parker (£7M), Cahill (£20M) = £73M

    Out: Clichy (£10M), Denilson (£8M), Bendtner (£10M), Arshavin (£10M), Rosicky (£1M), Almunia (£1M), Chamakh (£9M), Squillaci (Free) = £49M

    ----------------- Szczesny ---------------------
    -- Sagna -- Cahill -- Vermaelen -- Baines --
    ---------------- Parker ---------------------
    ---------- Fabregas --- Wilshere --------
    -- Nasri --------------------------- Young ---------
    ------------------ RvP ------------------------

    ----------------- Fabianski ---------------------
    -- Eboue -- Djourou -- Koscielny -- Gibbs --
    ---------------- Song ---------------------
    ----------- Ramsey --- McEachran --------
    -- Walcott ------------------------- Sinclair ---------
    ----------------- Sturridge ------------------------

    Diaby, Lansbury

    How's that for an influx of English fighting spirit? :mrgreen:
  6. ricky1985

    ricky1985 Active Member Elite

    Definitely wouldn't mind looking at McEachran and Sturridge, if Chelsea are looking to put yet more expensive stars in front of them. Both great talents. Oxlade-Chamberlain is another English talent I would love to see us get.

    I think Baines is a definite no, for a combination of reasons, we won't go for him. And it's probably either Cahill, or more likely, Samba, coming in at centreback. Young, no way, not the sort of player I want to see out wide for us, and I don't think Wenger will be keen either. Parker, there's a maybe a chance, I wouldn't mind him here, but if there's someone truly brilliant out there - Parker is not - then I'd rather we go out and get them, even if we have to spend a lot of money in the process.
  7. There is light

    There is light New Member

    Problem with parker is FAT SAM's da boss now, little chance parker happens even if we are in for him (which i think we are not). Of course it can happen if we pursue him ruthlessly and he too pushes them for a move but then again don't think wenger will do that for parker.
    Young is overpriced and we would have to compete with LFC or MUFC so that's not happening nor i want him.
    Eagerly waiting for clichy to say bbye but all i know is Wenger wants benzema and i'm hoping endlessly that it happens. Firstly aguero needs to sign for them and that would hugely increase the chances of benzema signing for us as i think he's the kind of player Arsène can even break our transfer record for. Also, wenger will surely pull out something good from south america even if ricky doesn't work out ??
  8. Armor for Sleep

    Armor for Sleep New Member Elite

    I like the idea of robbing Sturridge off Chelsea. I'll let him replace Podolski on my list as he has a higher ceiling and would probably be a safer bet.

  9. Floating

    Floating New Member Trusted

    Can Sturridge play wide? If so, he'd be a pretty excellent signing.

    4-2-3-1 (more defensive):

    - - - - - - - - Szczesny - - - - - - -
    Sagna - Samba - Vermaelen - Clichy
    - - - - - - - - - - Song - - - - - - - - - -
    - - - - - Fabregas - Wilshere - - - - - -
    Sturridge - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Nasri
    - - - - - - - - van Persie - - - - - - -

    Or 4-4-1-1 (more aggressive):

    - - - - - - - - Szczesny - - - - - - -
    Sagna - Samba - Vermaelen - Clichy
    - - - - - Fabregas - Wilshere - - - - - -
    Walcott - - - - - - - - - - - - - Nasri
    - - - - - - - van Persie - - - - - - -
    - - - - - - - - - - Sturridge - - - - - - - -
  10. mo50

    mo50 Active Member Elite


    Get those three very attainable players in, and anything else would be a bonus. If a quality left back becomes available, we should be all over him.

    Sturridge and Mceachran would never come here. Chelsea aren't stupid enough to sell their 2 most promising young players.
  11. MAK 14

    MAK 14 New Member Trusted

    On top of that, why would Sturridge swap Chelsea's bench for our bench? He's said time and time again he needs to be playing first team football. He wouldn't/shouldn't get that here.
  12. outlaw_member

    outlaw_member New Member

    Chelsea don't do youngsters. Besides, they sold Lassana Diarra to us in the past, so I wouldn't put anything past them. Obviously, we'd need to place Sturridge close to the first team in order to entice him. Previously, he had to contend with Drogba and Anelka playing ahead of him, and now he's also got Torres to worry about. I'd look to remove a player or two and put Sturridge second to only van Persie.

    Sturridge and McEachran are two players who most likely won't make it at Chelsea, and we should do absolutely everything to get our hands on them.
  13. mistaT

    mistaT New Member Trusted

    That's all it would take, seriously.
  14. Floating

    Floating New Member Trusted

    Why not? Lampard, Drogba, and Anelka are all well into their 30's, this looks like a time they should really be hanging onto their promising youngsters.
  15. ricky1985

    ricky1985 Active Member Elite

    I agree. Chelsea are stupid enough to sell them, Sturridge more so than McEachran, and if they are attainable we should be at the front of the queue. English players with technical ability like those two have don't come along too often.
  16. outlaw_member

    outlaw_member New Member

    Chelsea didn't hesitate to spend 70 million at the first sign of trouble back in January. Does that sound like a club who will gamble on young players? I wouldn't completely rule it out, but between promoting a youngster and purchasing a big name player, we all know what Chelsea would prefer.
  17. outlaw_member

    outlaw_member New Member

    I admit, I have become quite desperate with wanting some quality out wide. Young is far from ideal, but I'd take anyone right now who isn't completely rubbish or mediocre like Arshavin and Nasri have been. Plus, you know what you're going get with Young, and he won't need time to settle into the league.
  18. Godsend_Gooner

    Godsend_Gooner New Member

    Your Arshavin hate is a bit OTT.
  19. ricky1985

    ricky1985 Active Member Elite

    The swing in opinion on Nasri has been funny/alarming to see. I've gone from someone who rates him slightly less than everyone else; I thought he was very good player who still had a little way to go to be absolutely top class, to now rating him seemingly far more than the majority. He's a brilliant player, one of the best in the country. Far superior and better suited to our football than Ashley Young. We're lucky to have him. He was horrible for most of the last third of the season, but he wasn't alone.

    However, I'm with you on Arshavin, he's lost that explosive edge he had to his game, and his fitness is beyond a joke. I really want him sold this summer, if nothing else it increases the chances of someone with real quality coming into replace him.

    Young is a good player, but his movement off the ball, his movement in behind, his finishing, his general goal threat, is pretty crap, frankly - and they are things I know you value highly in a wide man in our side. He's a good crosser of the ball, and can beat his man on both the inside and outside, he'd be a very good signing for Man United, would suit them perfectly, if they ask him to do that and not much else, but for us, he's not good enough.
  20. outlaw_member

    outlaw_member New Member

    I don't hate Arshavin, but he really has been rubbish for the most part. His general play is worse than Eboue's was, back when he used to play in midfield. His productivity is also vastly overrated. 6 goals and 11 assists in the league is not really that impressive.

    Ricky. I rate Nasri very highly when he's playing from the right. His goal against Porto is a perfect illustration of why he's best on that flank, as his right foot naturally forces him to take the ball on the outside, which enables him to attack the byline. However, I couldn't care less about the incarnate that plays on the left side, as he's hamstrung by an inability to attack the byline due to an unwillingness to use his left foot.

    As for Young, you are right that he's deficient of certain qualities which I deem as being a must in a wide forward. He's also more of a creator than a goalscorer, so I am contradicting myself by desiring him. But yeah, I'm getting desperate. I'd so much prefer if we spent 20-30 million on a wide forward, instead of pursuing Falcao, Benzema and co., provided we are indeed after a striker.

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