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Discussion in 'Transfer Rumours' started by The Mini, May 3, 2004.

  1. Anzac

    Anzac Active Member

    Read on caughtoffside that we're supposedly going to make a 18m bid for Lukaku = yes please as he'd be ideal to rotate with RVP, and CFC may be too busy chasing Neymar & Falcao.
  2. ebouenolike

    ebouenolike New Member Trusted

    No chance we are getting Lukaku, surely.

    Chelsea massively want him, he's a Chelsea fan, can't see him rocking the Emirates anytime soon.
  3. qs

    qs New Member Elite

    Chelsea have just switched managers, their targets have surely changed too.
  4. truth_hurts

    truth_hurts Well-Known Member


    Samba - aerially dominant CB for Bartley to watch.
    Enrique - talented and motivated LB.
    Parker - would do a solid job in the league.
    Mata - genuine, pacey, direct, quality wide-man.
    AOC - versatile and going to be good.


    Squillaci - not good enough
    Clichy - playing within himself
    Denilson - see Squillaci
    Rosicky - not the player he was
    Bendtner - wasted as a wideman
    Vela - not going to make it
  5. truth_hurts

    truth_hurts Well-Known Member



  6. ebouenolike

    ebouenolike New Member Trusted




  7. ebouenolike

    ebouenolike New Member Trusted

    1st XI:






    2nd XI





  8. mistaT

    mistaT New Member Trusted

    Eboue and Truth - those are both might tasty.

    What's killing me about this transfer is I do feel like the team is close.

    Bring in a solid CB, a proven middy, and a decent wide forward and hope that Cesc/RVP stay healthy.

    Not too much to ask is it?
  9. ebouenolike

    ebouenolike New Member Trusted

    @MistaT : Not at all. Unfortunately we have been 'close' most seasons. Everyone KNEW in 2008 that we needed new midfielders, everyone KNEW in 2009 that we needed a new centre forward and everyone KNEW last year that we needed defenders.

    It just seems that the obvious needs of the team are neglected and the consequences are always soul destroying due to them being down to incredibly naive/poor planning.
  10. outlaw_member

    outlaw_member New Member

    Not so much a wishlist, but what we could end up witnessing next season.

    --------van Persie

    Call me crazy, but that team looks very intriguing.
  11. mistaT

    mistaT New Member Trusted

    Gibbs over/under 20 games next season (all competitions)?

    Aside from that I think we'd be a better defensive side with Wilshere and Song continuing to build and refine their partnership, and Alvarez can't be any worse at defense than Cesc can he?

    Could be worse, if we were to find any sort of form and had RVP/Walcott healthy its a side nearly assured a top 4 position :roll:
  12. GaelForce22

    GaelForce22 New Member Trusted

    Surely Ramsey will be starting above Alvarez next season? From what I've read about him on here I can't imagine him walking straight into the team.
  13. fabo

    fabo 6.51 / 10

    That team will struggle to get Top 4, battling with Sp**s and Liverpool for 4th and 5th place. We are not far from that with the current team.
  14. qs

    qs New Member Elite

    It looks piss poor at left back and centre AM.
  15. Pies

    Pies Member

    Struggle to get top 4, if we get it at all. Worse than the last couple of seasons imo. FFS why did you have to draw that team up :( :lol:

    Surely our targets rise a bit though if we lose both Cesc and Nasri; include the Clichy sell and that should be at least £60-70m. Who knows though anymore... :roll:
  16. redwhiteAustrian

    redwhiteAustrian Tu Felix Austria Administrator

    Well, tell me who'd like to join us then, when we don't have more than just a couple of world class players anymore, and a squad full of deadwood and underperformers?

    We can't offer massive wages, nor massive success (yet).
    I struggle to see us being able to really go for big players, even if we want too.
  17. P_Gunner

    P_Gunner New Member





    Subs: Gervinho, Chamakh, Ramsey, Kos, Fabianski, Eboue, Song, Rosicky, Arshavin, Bartley, Lansbury

    Out: Fabregas (40m)
    Nasri (20m)
    Denilson (5m)
    Clichy (7m)
    Almunia (??)
    Diaby (10m)
    Squillaci (1m)
    Bendtner (10m)

    In: Cahill (17m)
    Baines (20m)
    Gervinho (12m)
    Banega (20m)
    Falcao (25m)
    Mata (20m)

    Net spend: 21m

    Trying to keep optimistic. A 4-4-2 like the one shown above looks pretty strong. RVP - Falcao looks amazing on paper especially with Walcott and Mata backing them up. Banega - Wilshere looks beastly in the middle and the back 4 looks solid as well not to mention the amount of depth we would have.

    The net spend could go down to like 16m should Wenger convince Rosicky we have no use for him.
  18. AFC-Phil

    AFC-Phil Active Member Elite

    Walcott on the right in a 442?

    He wouldn't be as high up the pitch to make penetrating runs behind the opposition back-line. It would turn into Walcott dribbling at FBs (Which he's not great at) and his performances would drop, as would goal/assist return. Look at him in that role for England, (In the past) he's left to dribble with the ball and rarely uses his pace in off-the-ball runs behind the opposition defence.

    I would only look to place him up front in a 442.

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  19. outlaw_member

    outlaw_member New Member

    Stop stealing my thoughts Phil, first it was DKGooner, now it's you. :bash
  20. AFC-Phil

    AFC-Phil Active Member Elite

    :lol: sorry Outlaw, I wasn't aware that you'd ever said or thought something similar.

    If it's any consolation, I don't like your line-up further up the page. :p

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