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Discussion in 'Transfer Rumours' started by The Mini, May 3, 2004.

  1. Pea-Tear-Griffin

    Pea-Tear-Griffin New Member

    I agree, was saying it sarcasticly :roll:
  2. ferrarif50hunt

    ferrarif50hunt Well-Known Member

    Would love Cazorla to have a word with Isco, that kid is going to be special. If he really has a £17m release clause then we need to be all over that.
  3. dpt49

    dpt49 New Member

    I guessed that.
    I was just taking the opportunity to have a dig at Kroenke, the tightest owner in world football :wink:
  4. Pea-Tear-Griffin

    Pea-Tear-Griffin New Member

    I think you'll find that money is earmarked for Kroenke's bulging bank account.

    There will be no big signings, no top class players and no change in transfer policy while this board are here.

    The only transfer dealings involving decent players, will be the one's on the way out.[/quote]
    I agree, was saying it sarcasticly :roll:[/quote]
    I guessed that.
    I was just taking the opportunity to have a dig at Kroenke, the tightest owner in world football :wink:[/quote]

    I knew that as well, I was rolling my eyes at the stupidity of us buying top class players haha.
  5. Bossa

    Bossa New Member

    No creativity on the wings and a static, physically weak and slow midfield are our main problems.

    We only need to make two signings to solve that.

    Sagna Mertesacker Koscielny Gibbs
    Fellaini Wilshere
    Walcott Cazorla Willians

    Not one of our wingers can create a chance for a teammate. Not one of our midfielder can drive to the box and outmuscle a few defenders(bar the always injured Diaby).

    We need a creative winger who can cut inside and relieve Cazorla of his creative burden. Someone like Willians would be perfect.
  6. jones

    jones Not German FFS Trusted

    Who's Willians?
  7. Bossa

    Bossa New Member

    I meant Willian from Shaktar
  8. truth_hurts

    truth_hurts Well-Known Member

    Fellaini really would be such a good signing for us.
  9. thedon5

    thedon5 New Member

    I'm skeptical about Fellaini. He should cost an absolute tonne, and let's not forget, he's at his best in the hole, not as a central midfielder. He is a solid central midfielder, but for him to merit his price tag he'd need to be as good as he is behind the striker at central midfield. That is something I don't think he is capable of. He could be a solid signing, but I'm not entirely sure he'll have the effect some people think he could have in midfield.
  10. Floating

    Floating New Member Trusted

    Isco is unreal - he's at the top of my list at the moment.
  11. ArseneKnows-47

    ArseneKnows-47 New Member

    We need someone who can score, and going by his name...
  12. Bossa

    Bossa New Member

    We need a striker who can create a chance for himself. I kind of like Giroud but he's not getting any service from the others.
  13. Goon_si

    Goon_si Well-Known Member

    Fellaini and Isco.

    Solves our problems in creative and physical part of the game. Both young, technical and dangerous in the final third. One very skilfull with amazing vision, other super strong and dominant in the air but still very good with the ball at his feet.

    Price? Well here everything stops. If not the money, our competition are just more lucrative for them.

    Just imagine the midfield and front three like this:

    Arteta - Fellaini - Wilshere
    Isco - Podolski - Cazorla

    Or Giroud/Walcott instead of Poldi. Isco and Santi with full freedom to drift from left to right, from attacking to deeper positions.
  14. GDeep™

    GDeep™ Doesn't Consider Wenger a Legend

    If Villa want to accept less than 10M, I would take Bent. He would be a short term signing at his age, can come in and help us straight away.

    We can buy a younger project striker in the summer too, someone quick and versatile, meaning we go into next season with a very decent and versatile set of strikers.
  15. Vela

    Vela Member

    Theo signing a new contract. Isco, Strootman and a striker.
  16. marv3llous

    marv3llous New Member

    Dream scenario, full blown FM stuff:


    Cavani (replacing Chamakh)
    Holtby (replacing Ramsey who could go on loan)
    Schürrle (replacing Theo, who i would rather keep though)
    Bender (Diaby replacement in long term, Abou can stay as "luxury player" until he gets fit enough to be sold)
    Yanga M'Biwa (replacing Djourou)

    Athleticism, pace, power, wide play - all there. We've been truly lacking in those areas. And even with those changes , to challenge for titles we still need to add a player like Isco and probably a fox in the box type striker. Dont even know who that would be. Not to mention we need to replace Santos with a bloke who can run up and down the field and probably replace Sagna.

    Dear god we're in a sorry state.

    What will happen: Henry on loan (short term fix for Gervinho going to Africa), Zaha as replacement for Theo and ... at best Huntelaar to replace departing Chamakh. But to make things more absurd i say Juventus will cancel Bendtners loan and we get Nicky back! :mrgreen:
  17. eye4goal

    eye4goal Well-Known Member

    M'vila £5m
    Leitner/Cabaye £15-20m
    Isco/Adrian/Ben Arfa £15-20m
  18. truth_hurts

    truth_hurts Well-Known Member

    Theo new contract
    Zaha for the summer
    M'Villa (Diaby replacement of sorts)
    Isco/Ben Arfa in the summer

  19. jones

    jones Not German FFS Trusted

    Leitner, for 15-20m??? :lol: Is this some kind of Football Manager joke?
  20. eye4goal

    eye4goal Well-Known Member

    Leitner has always impressed me, and I think he'll probably be worth that by the end of the season. Adam Maher is another one I'd put in that list

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