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    A project has been started and a lot invested into it. The youth project started after the invincibles.

    The crisis

    In Japan they say every crisis holds opportunities. The crisis we were facing was the Highbury stadium capacity limitation and the mega money injected by CFC.

    The opportunity
    So we decided building a brain bright new shiny stadium was a must. The building process put us in huge debt and limited future incomes as sponsorship money was front loaded. This pushes Wengy and the Arsenal board into a new squad building project : the youth project.

    The project
    It means looking for big talents before their price and wage fee become big in order to build a competitive squad that. The final outcome is simple : have a squad that cost little, delivers the maximum income while still competing sportively. The process is more complicate. When you have unconfirmed talent they need an opportunity in order to show their abilities and their potential capabilities. So you have to know when an unconfirmed player can get that opportunity without too much damage on your general team and ambition. You have a good team in place (the invincibles) and a set of talented youngsters that have to replace them with efficiency. The performance of a confirm players and the present deliverability of the youngster define the time for the replacement to take place. Replacing Vieira with Cesc was the correct move and timing. Pires with Hleb, Rosicky was correct or Ljungberg with Walcott. Letting Titi go was a smart safe gamble.

    The first cracks
    The first problems appeared when now the promoted youngsters leave without or just attending their peak aka Flamini and Hleb. The departures of these c*nts show a big problem to solve. Kolo leaving is in the right path of logic that has been used up to now. He is past his best, is in decline and has reached a level where he is no more better than a Djourou. Ade leaving is another issue he became a character that no longer pleases the fans. And the fans appear to be the second problem the project is facing : they no longer believe in it! But the fans problems are linked with the results and as soon as they start coming they will get the the enthusiasm back.

    The delay
    Now is the time is the slogan of the new season it seems but the project is running out of time. Many won't wait until september to throw the towel. Everton and the game after will be the longest many can wait.

    The question
    How good has this project have been? Is our situation as bad it's made out to be? Is liverpool better than us football wise they bettered us in the league only twice(2007 and 2009) and in cup competition we still have a better overall advancements. What could stop us to perform better than 2008 judging by their previous seasons and the summer activities?

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