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Theo Walcott- Unlucky no more


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A young man steps onto the pitch at the Emirates in 2006 for our first premier league game. Is it Henry? Is it Fabregas? No it was a young unheard of 17 year old Englishman who made his debut and got an assist to boot. The "press" scoffed and said Wenger doesn't have a good track record with Englishmen, there's no Englishmen at Arsenal and he was only bought to make up the numbers so Arsenal would have an Englishmen. Of course Wenger had generally "failed" with English talent according to the media, their xenophobic knives sharpened now with Ashley Cole being the only English success story at Arsenal at the time. David "Beckham" Bentley, who was labeled as Beckham's successor, England's savior, the man to lead the Three lions to glory. He only made 1 appearance in an Arsenal shirt and was shipped out to Blackburn a few years later after being deemed not god enough, and he wasn't good enough because if you can't even get a starting spot for the spuds then that really says it all and there was a worry that Walcott would become the next Bentley from some corners.

Walcott, bought in a deal that could end up being worth 12 million pounds. Fans scoffed, "a potential 12 million pound deal for a 17 year old from the championship!" "He'll never make it here" My oh my how times have changed with Walcott becoming indispensable to the team. I may be a bit premature with this thread but I really do believe that Walcott's time has come because for so long he has been his own Worse enemy, no scratch that, he's had three enemies. Himself, injuries and the English National Team. England have misused and abused our Walcott for their own selfish,dirty desires.

Walcott can never win with England and the media, everyone rightly shook their heads when Walcott was taken to the 2006 World Cup and heads shook again just this summer when Shaun "Can't get a game for Man City" Phillips was taken to South Africa instead of our Theo.We all know how that turned out and it represented a massive fall from grace for Walcott, a fall from grace not seen since Beckham 1998. Walcott, England's hero, England's new hope, England's golden boy especially after that 1 night in Croatia where he became England's youngest hat trick hero and the nation loved him. Fast forward 2 years, 3 months ago in June and he was out of favor with the England manager and dropped from the side and boy was that a smart decision because England's wingers sure did set South Africa alight with 0 goals and 0 assists between them.

Let's backtrack to 1 year ago this summer when Wenger backed England not to take Walcott to the England under 21 tournament and as we all know Wenger knows and Walcott paid the price for not heeding Wenger's warning. He got injured, missed the start of the season and took a year to totally recover from that injury amassing a whole 3 goals for the entire season. England only had themselves to blame for Walcott's dip in form. Walcott has proved time and time again that he is a big game player, from the Fa cup Semi against Chelsea to THAT run against Liverpool in the champions league and then that other less known run against them in 2009 to set up Arsenal's and Arshavin's fourth. How could we forget his game changing goal against Barcelona at the Emirates. In Walcott, Ramsey, Gibbs and Wilshere, I believe we have a very strong British spine to the team and get the media off our backs regarding British players too.

If you had told any Arsenal fan that three games into the season, Walcott would be undroppable and scored 4 goals, they would've laughed you out of the room but here we are now, and where does Walcott go from here? In my eyes he's a certain for premier league player of the month and if he keeps this up, this will be his year and I hope it is because I've never lost faith in him and neither did Arsène Wenger amidst the calls from some Arsenal fans asking for him to be dropped but Wenger kept faith just like he did with Ashley Cole, Henry,Viera,Edu, Ljungberg, Pires, Fabregas and countless others and as he reaped the rewards from being patient with those players and he will reap the reward from being patient with Walcott. One year from now I believe that Arsenal fans will look back at laugh at how we used to call Theo unlucky and say he was only a pace merchant who couldn't cross or beat his man. A lot of other players would have been broken by Capello's snub and fallen apart completely but not our Walcott, he shed a tear, dusted himself off, worked hard during the summer and it has paid off in spades, bringing Capello sinking to his knees asking "What would have happened if we had only took Walcott". Good luck for the rest of the season Walcott

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