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They are called Referees

Are you for VAR or not?

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Clear penalty on that Saka late challenge in the box.

But also, think Kiwior was lucky to not see red for that late studs up contact.

Poor refereeing all round, one robs us, another saves us.
How? Kiwior was in control of the ball and was taking a shot at goal. You can't give a player a red for shooting.


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Gabriel being dragged to the ground from our corner was a clear penalty. Where the **** was VAR? Absolutely nowhere as usual.

If that was against us VaR would be falling over themselves asking the ref to go and check the monitor. Corrupt p***s
Gabriel pen was the obvious pen. It will get buried because we won.

City got similar pen for softer pulls in 2 huge games vs united and chelsea. This is really getting irritating.


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He inherited them. He's binned off a few, but is still stuck with Riley's ****
Webb is no better. He's just a younger version of Riley literally following in his footsteps. He took over from him as resident United stooge when Riley became head of PGMOL and now he's destroying football through corruption from his perch at PGMOL just like Riley did. They're just the North Korean Kims in whiteface.

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I don't know how the hell Kiwior and Gabriel weren't penalty Kiwior won the ball and Townsend nowhere near it even tho its not too clear and both went to the ball penalty should be given because Kiwior got to ball first.

And the Gabriel is most obvious one the defender clearly holding his arm and draging him. Just unreal not even been looked at


He's throwing himself to the floor again, refs aren't buying it and rightly so, it's pretty embarrassing.

Have you seen a match in premier league lately? Diving is the norm and never punished and almost always go your way. This however is no dive! Just ****ed up referees…


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Liverpool get done ONCE (didn't even really get done, just a weird breakdown on communication) and have the refs on their knees on overtime since, with the pundits crying about it nonstop.

While this season alone, we have been screwed a **** ton of times (won matches like at Luton and Palace so it gets forgotten about too) and we get called all sorts by the media regardless.

Just ****ing bullshit, is this "sport"
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