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They are called Referees

Are you for VAR or not?

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Looking for receipts 👀
It would make the refs look worse. The Man U offside goal linesman gave offside and told ref this and someone in var room told him he wasn’t interfering with play. So the real ref is in the car room and his word is above the line and actual ref if he is told to do something

I think they just opening themselves for more criticism
Well at least if it was actually aired and for everyone to hear then we would know who made the mistake and they would be left out of other match days.

At the moment refs and var are held unaccountable despite their errors and the only ones who front it is that **** Walton who defends them.


Always Blaming Refs
Hopefully we see this in the PL and Europe soon. Although I'd like to see it extended to every big decision (penalty, red card) regardless if VAR is used. At the very least we'll see how thick and/or corrupt they are when they try and justify ludicrous decisions. Means more accountability.


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Stuart Attwell I think is a Utd supporter. He was VAR on the day vs Newcastle where he said Gabriel getting hauled down was not a foul.


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Good move but won't make refs become good they'll still make wierd decisions and don't follow the rules
It might put them under more pressure to make the correct decision because they know they aren't smart enough to make up a BS excuse and explain it to a stadium full of people on the fly. I don't see us getting shafted at the Emirates as often if the ref knows that 60k people will hear their nonsense excuse and respond immediately.


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What the hell was that in the Brighton game? Didn't watch even the whole game but ridiculous refereeing. David Coote was the referee and VAR referee was Neil Swarbrick.

At the end Mac Allister was going through, and Konate had a yellow and came to him from behind hitting him with his arm to the back of the head. Didn't play the ball. Should have been a yellow at least, which would have resulted in a red.

Next you have Fabinho taking Ferguson out likely long-term. Hard from behind, above the ankle, straight to the achilles with spikes. Only a yellow.

Last one I saw was Robertson coming hard to Mac Allister, spikes above the ankle, middle of the shin from the front. Only a yellow.

Liverpool should have got 3 reds but got 2 yellows. Makes me sick, really bad to see this kind of fouling and refereeing. Brighton is Liverpool's rival this season so the refs should take this kind of behaviour out of the game. Trying to injure your rival players non-stop and I didn't even watch the whole game.


Thoughs about the penalty var call today? The only reason it shouldn’t be a penalty for me is if the contact demed to be outside but that seemed strange. Hard to fully see on the pictures thou.

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