Thierry Henry: Making an Impact in Montreal

Discussion in 'Arsenal History' started by Tir Na Nog, Dec 16, 2014.

  1. yousif_arsenal

    yousif_arsenal King of Twitter Rumours Moderator

    Always said the Monaco job was big for him.
  2. Jury

    Jury Mission Accomplished

    It's not surprising though, is it? Just like the british media or people have apparently got a penchant for whatever particular type of unsavouriness it is that's on the menu on any given day, the French are notorious for flip-flopping and U-turns. They were always going to create a montrous cvnt out of him if he failed, because it what they're best at doing.
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  3. Gegen Pressing

    Gegen Pressing Well-Known Member

    Thierry was never going to be a good manager. Pundit material for french best.
  4. Gegen Pressing

    Gegen Pressing Well-Known Member

    Polar opposites as Henry and Neville are they both died in the dugout , but be reborn as pundits .
  5. Ceballinhos

    Ceballinhos Cheating on Santi

    I can't disagree with you :lol:
    Especially with successful people.

    But I also think Henry could have done much better if he hasn't been that arrogant in front of the media & his players.
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  6. Jury

    Jury Mission Accomplished

    For what it's worth, I didn't think he'd be an instant hit in management because I think someone with an ego like his needs a few humblings before he can put his knowledge to good use. He may never be able do that, but I wont write him off just yet.
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  7. yousif_arsenal

    yousif_arsenal King of Twitter Rumours Moderator

    Henry should take a job with club with not much pressure and can build himself as manager. Monaco were s**t not quality squad and in trouble it was always bad choice
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  8. Mo Britain

    Mo Britain Doom Monger

    It means we support our own. To equate Henry's actions at Monaco with Kronke's siphoning of millions from Arsenal or Merson's ripping Arsenal to shreds (and I think Merson actually does feel for the Arsenal, he's just thick) is not to understand this.

    To balance what Henry did for the Arsenal as a player with what he has done as a manager at Monaco might be ok for some two-penny tv pundit looking for a lazy story, not for an Arsenal fan.
  9. krengon

    krengon One Arsene Wenger Trusted

    Makes it even more clear this was the wrong job for him, was an uphill battle from the start.. I'd still like to see him get another chance, he just have to choose his next job very carefully.
  10. <<reed>>

    <<reed>> Meme Merchant

    didn't know Henry was such a prick
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  11. Mark Tobias

    Mark Tobias Mr. Agreeable

    Exactly what has Henry done atg Monaco and why should that matter to me. I can respect the man for what he was here while also seeing him for what he is now.
    Just because you have the wool firmly p[ulled over your eyes and you're willing to idolise him no matter what a cock he has become doesn;t mean the rest of us do. You don't speak for all of Arsenal fans buddy! There are a sh!t ton of us around the world and we all have different views and opinions. Now get off your high horse because nobody even cares!
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  12. Mo Britain

    Mo Britain Doom Monger

    Blimey! You seem to care enough to revive an ancient thread!

    Take a chill pill but you ain't speaking for anyone other than yourself either holly!
  13. Mrs Bergkamp

    Mrs Bergkamp Well-Known Member

    I think Henry would make a good coach for our forwards but I don't think he has the temperament to be the main man. I'm watching Vieira with interest.
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  14. krengon

    krengon One Arsene Wenger Trusted

  15. American_Gooner

    American_Gooner Not actually American. Unless Di Marzio says so. Moderator

    :rofl:Cracking up at the image of Henry just running around the training pitch screaming at people like a psycho.

    Think the club ambassador life is better suited for him than management.
  16. MutableEarth

    MutableEarth Bloody awesome NSFW avatars Trusted

    He should have stayed coaching the U18s for a hot minute. The Monaco job was way too big and too stressful for him. He called up a number of young players to the team which was a positive but I don't think he had the temperament to put them in the team and have everything running smooth. He wasn't the guy for that time. Truthfully, Jardim never should have been sacked. I hope Henry does return to management to be honest, but first he needs to coach in a less pressured environment first- go back to coaching the youth first.

    It's crazy because his giant ambition (as with a couple former Invincibles) is that he wants to manage Arsenal in the future. Interestingly, the one who seems best placed to take up the mantle of all the former players vying for the potential opportunity is Freddie Ljungberg, a similarly ambitious man who is quite happy to work hard and pay his dues coaching our youth teams (U15s and now U23s) and is doing a good job both individually and recently for the team in general.
  17. yousif_arsenal

    yousif_arsenal King of Twitter Rumours Moderator

    Not good sign for Henry that he start looking like gary at Valencia
  18. Slartibartfast

    Slartibartfast CIES Loyalist

    Not sure how Chris Armas, the current manager of the New York Red Bulls, feels about this, but if Thierry Henry really wants to be a manager this is the sort of job he should have started with in the first place.

    And an interesting point...

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  19. SomGooner

    SomGooner Prolific Liker

    He should learn from his captain who’s going on about his business quietly at Nice.
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  20. Slartibartfast

    Slartibartfast CIES Loyalist

    I was thinking earlier that maybe this is kind of a do-over for him and he's decided to take the Vieira path from the other New York team back to Europe. Vieira is now being mentioned as a favorite to take over at Lyon, which is a pretty big job. But he worked hard and laid the groundwork to get there. Henry expected to start out in a big job. Maybe the experience at Monaco humbled him a little bit.
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