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Thomas Partey: Footballing Performance Thread


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Would rather not do a repeat of the last time he was rushed for a North London derby.

It's a massive game, but we can't risk of losing him for even more matches.
He'll get injured again at some point anyway. Might as well use him for the NLD derby. It's arguably our hardest pre-world cup fixture.

Even if we wrap him in cotton wool, he'll still get injured. Last season proved that.


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The Ghanaians on here will see that as a vio 🤣🤣 they’d probably have been in a WC Semis if it wasn’t for those Suarez theatrics and Gyan losing his bottle.

Naa I lowkey agree with him yano. In fact this is literally me when any black player moves even a pinky on the pitch:


just jokin.....or am I


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Remember the days Wenger would let the international teams rinse our injury prone players…?…I don’t think I can remember Wenger intervening and calling back players early
Arsenal or any club has no say in how international managers uses their players. Southgate used Kane twice 90 mins and didn’t give another striker a minute. Partey was sent home cause he got injured. Arsenal are just feeding media positive news. He is 100% out of the derby

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I think we need TP5 for the next two games, PSV and Chelsea away in November at the very least. I think the club are aiming for more than that, thus the proactive stance. Same can be said for the action with Tierney.

So good moves made by the club I must say.

Do well one the next month and we will be well set for top four IMO. Imagine going into the break with 30 plus points. That would be superb.


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Well I think people are going to rush here talking about how if you doubted Partey you're a fool etc etc. A typical AM thing to do after a good performance.

But let's not pretend like his time at Arsenal has been flawless.

That said, he was very good today though and the big thing is keeping fit really, I think if he can do that he can build the form to put out consistently good games.

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Finally a shot gone in and it's against Sp**s make more sweet. Now stay fit and stop being stupid off the pitch. Because Partey is best midfielder along with Rodri in his position in this league they just dominate everything.


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Many a person here has expressed the idea that players with Parteys ability are ten a penny.

You will find them mysteriously taking a break from this thread today.

You honestly think so? I think the overwhelming feeling has been that he's absolutely crucial to our system which is almost to our detriment because of his injuries at Arsenal. I also think most have also admitted that he's very hard to find a back-up/replacement for.

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