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Thomas Partey: Footballing Performance Thread


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Good to hear but we can't really always get worried when he has knock. The club has to get a good backup

With a knock. Without a knock. Having dinner. Parking his car. I’ve been worried about him since the season started.

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, we tend to do very well on the Xhaka/Partey axis, it’s nothing new for this season.

Tom Mix

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@Tom Mix gonna have to return the suit he rented for Partey’s funeral…
I'll be delighted if he's fit but - and this might be a surprise to some - I will leave the medical prognosis for the doctor to determine before I breathe a sigh of relief. Internet trolls may have their uses (I'm still to find a useful one) but I suspect medicine is not their strongest point.


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Nevermind AM spreading rumours about Partey's injury status, I reckon Arteta is the main one making everything seem worse than it is, to make sure Edu gets him a new midfielder.

Reckon Mikel is dreading this positive news going public...

"No Edu, that's not Thomas... ummm that's his brother, Yakubu Partey..."

...Arteta to Mr Gaspar, when Partey starts training normally this week.


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Devils advocate : If Partey sustained an injury, we wouldn’t know the truth of it until the transfer window closes on Tues night.

Yeah what they’ve said so far is exactly what they would have said if he was actually injured, so there’s not really any information yet

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