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Thomas Partey: Footballing Performance Thread


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If you watch Partey play 5 matches; max 10 matches and are not convinced he is world class you don’t know football then. He recycles possession and moves the ball with precision so quickly he makes the entire squad purr like a Ferrari at 200kph.


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Who and where are Ghana playing?



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Most elegant DM I've ever seen, it's like he doesn't even break a sweat while dominating the midfield every week
He is even more impressive when you look at him live. Game looks so easy for him. Glides through the pitch. Wins takles and headers for fun. And his passing breaking the lines is top notch. Hopefully he stays fit for the next couple of years, because no one can replicate what he offers. One of a kind.


Thinks Ramsdale is beautiful

Country:Northern Ireland

Gonna be pretty funny when Casermiro gets in the team of the year instead of him, based on scoring goals against poor teams and being poor defensively/ducking through idiocy all the big games.

That's what you are looking for from your DM :lol:

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