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Thomas Partey: Footballing Performance Thread


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This certainly must be one of the more frustrating signings in recent years. The quality is there, but due to injuries it is a story of stop - start - stop - start. There is no continuity whatsoever. It must be very frustrating for the player. It certainly is for the fans.


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All he did was move the ball quicker and we improved tremendously. Its not rocket science but so many of our midfielders seem to struggle with that principle.
Exactly this. Sadly looks like the only 1 who can do that in our midfield.

Really missed him. He has to play every minute from now on for us.


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People underestimated how much we missed him.

Take a player like him from any team and they suffer.

No more Mikel bad luck please.

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Please don't get injured Thomas.

He single handed make our midfield go levels up that's why we should've added another midfielder to compete him Lokonga could be nice for long term but we all know xhaka will partner him when his suspension is done

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Of course we're better with Partey the drop in quality from him to all our other midfielders is pretty scary, but then again this guy is a CL midfielder, how on earth he ended up here I don't know.


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this guy is a CL midfielder, how on earth he ended up here I don't know.



And people questioned my statement he is world class. If he stays fit and gain momentum with coulpe of games you will all see
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