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Thomas Partey: Footballing Performance Thread


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Man says he’s having a 4/10 and has struggled to adapt meanwhile @OnlyOne is calling him one of the best in the league and suggesting he’s more than just a DM.

Go figure.

You know I’ll body you again on FaceTime so what your mouth.

Parteys just saying he’s been 4/10 so people feel sorry for him.


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Partey thinks he's 4/10. Talk about bigging yourself up, absolutely awful performance!


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Weekly evidence coming!

He improved on the second half tbf to him, but it required a lot, A LOT of babysitting from Lacazette in the process.

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Said a few weeks ago that he has been a flop and only had a few good games here. Major disappointment as I really like him when he is on it but it is a a rarity in a arsenal shirt


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Feel that's a bit harsh from him, tbh.

He has had some poor games, but he has had some very good ones too...plus I don't think all his bad performances are down to just him.

When we are at our worst under Arteta, we weirdly seem to be very defensive, but also have no midfield...Partey has to try and do everything offensively and defensively in there, it's mad.

He does have to improve though, especially if we want Champions League football next season...still backing him, he has the quality.

**** this, tbh.

Was like the Danny Rose of midfielders today, just running around doing nothing.


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Told you all ages ago he wasn't world class. Was bang average for us and has been a flop. Havent been on this in ages but he is absolutely a flop and is costing us points every week. Against United didn't track back for the goals and tonight gave the ball away numerous times.


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I get a few man shouting at me and tagging me for not rating, but this guy was hilariously bad today.

Guess he will soon be in the pile with Laca and dem soon if he's not already.


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What's going on here?... It seems so few and far between the occasions where he's stamping any real authority in the midfield.

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