Thomas Partey: He's Coming Back So You Better Get The Partey Started


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Like already said here: Partey is the catalyst. Team stands or falls on his shoulders. Really concerning situation though.


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Not sure he should be in the starting eleven against Burnley. Pretty sure he will be battered by the orcs.

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Arteta said something about managing his training? Did he get a flair up or is this just to manage his fitness?


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Arteta said something about managing his training? Did he get a flair up or is this just to manage his fitness?

Hopefully we are just being super careful with him this time, Arteta pretty much ruined the season last year by rushing him back.

Frustrating, yes...but I would rather have Partey at his best for a few months, than at his best for one game and then injured again.


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Hoping it's just cramp, was his first start of the season.

He was everywhere today, top quality...he single handedly makes us a respectable football team.


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Thought he visibly faded in the second half, couple of sloppy moments but man he’s a class act in full flow.

Actually felt AMN and Sambi steadied the ship nicely when they came on.


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Does in La Liga don't play quick non stop football? because it's getting ridiculous he never get injured in la liga i think it only a cramp doesn't look like hamstring or something like that


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He was good today but he loses gas too quickly for my liking. Needs to seriously work on his fitness because he is the only midfielder we have that gives us the chance to operate in a 433 or 4231 imo. If Partey ain't fit, we are only going to survive in a back three.


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He did a lot of good things, but he does a lot of dumb sh*t too then subs himself off. I'm not a fan have to be honest, but feel free to enjoy.

Few undercooked passes and a shot when maybe isn't the best option isn't that bad though. Makes a change from Xhaka giving away penalties, getting red cards and gifting the opposition the ball so they can score.