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We were the better team, should’ve won the EL that year for Wenger.

I remember we destroyed them at the Emirates, we should have easily scored 3 or 4 that night then Koscielny ****** up as usual.

Not sure what people used to see in Koscielny, he was a liability imo. Always on the verge of a disaster.


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Interesting that Arteta and/or Edu prioritised Aouar though. I wonder why.

Probably because we already have 3 deep-lying CM's already, whereas we have none of Aouar, maybe Willian/Özil.

We wanted both though. And to be frank, I don't think we necessarily wanted Aouar more, we didn't want to show Lyon the money; imagine we activated Partey's RC before, then Aulas would've wanted the full 60M for Aouar.


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Both Gabriel and Partey are quality for the right price. That’s a success, hopefully the start of smarter transfer activity moving forwards.


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Partey played like 45 Games last season started most of them he key part of Simeone team i think Simeone will be more unhappy with A.Madrid if they managed to sell him to us early they would have secured good replacement.

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Was I the only one who posted gif? Only seen one post a picture of dancers in Jamaica flag colors but that doesnt count imo.

Where are all the gifs? Hunta didnt die for this.


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I think Arteta values both equally and we may go back for Aouar next year. The 39m bid was testing the waters. We always knew that to get Partey we just had to pay the release clause. If we were able to make significant player sales we would’ve got both. Alas, departures were disappointing.

Probably depends on how he sets the team up going forward and how Ceballos performs. If Ceballos plays slightly more advanced and does well there’s probably more chance we sign him than Aouar.

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Still think Aouar would have been the better signing imo. He can become elite with the right manager and players around him.

Not taking anything away from this one, Partey is a fantastic signing.
Aouar looked nice and neat on the ball but I didn’t see him being that clever passer of the ball we needed. We need someone who’s more like Bruno Fernandes, Aouar gives me Bernado Silva type vibes.


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GFFN with their "Arsenal has no money for Aouar" comments. They got served even if we didn't get Aouar. 50 million euros straight cash for Partey with bigger wages. :lol:
Yeahs sounds more like we either just didn't think Aouar was worth any more than we were offering, or (more likely imo) Aouar was never that keen on coming here. Either because he likes Lyon and/or he figures he can go to Madrid and play under Zidane if he stays put a while longer.

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