Thomas Partey: Midfield Tank Engine


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A player who was in his "peak" who wasn't wanted by any other top club and who only signed for us because we met his demands of 200k a week when at Atletico he was getting 70k.

Again bad bad bad move. A player who only joins for money is not a player you want and will take you anywhere.


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Diabolical but it's not just Arteta that wants him left to rot as a single pivot tbf to him.

Underwhelming season on balance, but under a good manager he can flourish and hopefully be as good as you think he is.


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Let's be honest, he's been a massive flop so far.. Hasn't been anything close to what I expected from him.
Been saying this but AM wasn't ready. I was told Xhaka who has been one of our only positives this season has been outperformed by Partey who has shown us nothing but the basics.


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I now understand why we were trying so hard for Aouar all window and went for our second option right at the end.

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