Thomas Partey: Midfield Tank Engine

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He came here as a marquee signings as opposed to Atletico where sometimes he'd be benched or played at RB. This alongside not having Simeone kicking you up your arse might cause some work ethic issues, hope it's just me speculating though.
Senior players doubling there huge salary always seems to coincide with a drop off in form at arsenal; probably human nature to drop off a little bit unless you have some hard arse coach like Simone or you have some hyper-competirive Ronaldo like mentality. Anyway let's hope he bucks this trend this year


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Only central midfielder on the team that can be considered a ceiling raiser. He has some flaws, but when he is in form and playing well, he is as good as any CM in the league.

He can do so much for the team on and off the ball. Not very often you see a CM that is competent playing off ball, while being able to dribble, turn away from pressure, distribute and even find throughballs here and there. I was worried when we got him and everyone pretended that he would solve all the issues of the team.

With so many bums like Ceballos, Xhaka, El-neny on the team, the man has to do the job of two midfielders almost every game. He needs quality around him, so he can focus on what he does best. The team just has too many players that are limited on the ball.


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Don't understand the negativity at all. Sure he didn't exactly set the league alight, but he showed enough to be an automatic starter when available. Our only all rounder midfielder. You can't have fatal weaknesses in midfield and he's the best we got.

People will moan about anything on here, they were even moaning about issues relating to Tierneys Tesco bag. It's pretty clear Partey has the minerals, the only question is will he perform with greater consistency next season, especially in relation to burnout towards the end of games.

Great player!

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Great player , had his fair share of sloppy moments but he was finding his feet in a side that was struggling with confidence. He was one of the few positives of last season and a player we lacked for years. Can tackle, drive forwards. Just waiting him to dedicate that long range effort to finally score amd show.that Twitter troll up. Be a great consolation piece on the day Norwich relegate us.


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First season syndrome. The closest we have in the squad to a proper B2B, countless times his first touch took pressure off him, recently at arsenal we are used to watching CM’s using their first touch to put pressure on themselves.

needs quality around him, but i expect he will be ahead of where he was last season, which if he’s improving we really can’t complain.

lets just hope AFCON doesn’t derail his season just as he starts to get hot.
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