Thomas Partey: Midfield Tank Engine

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This is exactly why midfield was a priority and spending £50m on a CB as a priority is a disgrace.

At the moment it's Xhaka - Partey in a pivot with Lokonga and El Neny/Torreira in reserve.

Both that starting pivot & depth needs upgrading.

Hopefully White is brilliant, but I'd much rather have Gabriel/Holding/Saliba at CB and then Bissouma as cover than rely on Partey to get, and stay for all season. Thankfully, if it goes wrong Arteta and Edu will be the ones to front up.


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Wonder if Arteta goes with White next to Xhaka in midfield for a couple of games or if it would be Lokonga (or Elneny).

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This guy is a complete midfielder albeit his shooting is off. He can defend, beat a press, win the ball and play a good through ball to a high level. I just hope he can stay fit after this set back. Lokonga and Willock have shown promise. Get a top creative and that's a quartet that a decent manager could use well through the season.


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If this guy stayed fit for the season, I didn't mind about signing a long as Partey played, he could carry any of our other midfielders to a decent enough game...even Mo, Thomas is that good.

But our midfield without him, is just so average... Lokonga is exciting, but you don't want to put too much pressure on him at this stage.

Really ruined the season, if he can't get fit again...all our own fault too, who the **** plays a rival in a friendly!

Our pressing in that game at the weekend, was kinda ridiculous for a preseason game ...felt like a league/cup game.

Please be fine :pray:


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This is turning out to be a disastrous signing isn't it, he struggles last year with injuries and played pretty average football after returning. Was hoping for a good season from him this year only for him to get injured just before the start of the season only for him to return and leave for AFCON(Is it going to be held not sure tbh).

People talk about expensive flops after Pepe, Partey is inching toward becoming one.:shivering:


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Could be, that his ankle is still very swollen. So they have to wait until the swell will be smaller until they can make a scan.
Nothing to be worried about! Yesterday I performed a proper blot /blood sacrificing two of the neighbors’ cows to the Norse gods! We and Partey should be fine! Expect good news tomorrow!

PS. No need to thank me. Thank Oden!
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