Thomas Partey: Midfield Tank Engine


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Need to know what he can't do because every interview and player analysis article is basically saying he's going to come here and dominate. We're not going to have a Yaya Toure at Barca vs Yaya Toure at City type transformation are we?

It's the hope that kills, I need to know this man's weaknesses.


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It's the hope that kills, I need to know this man's weaknesses.
lol same, that's why I am staying quiet and managing expectations.

I was already aware of him since I am Ghanaian, but haven't watched him at club level outside of Champions league. All scouting reports and articles make him out to be some beast. The handful of matches I did see him he had dominant displays.

I am getting Song vibes from him - someone who primarily sits and can pick out the odd defence splitting pass.


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If there is time I'm certainly looking forward to seeing his photoshoot & interview in a few days time before the game. Hopefully there will be time.

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I'm actually really excited for this... I was swamped in work the past days and just finished a project and saw the pics.

The fact that we completely ****ed Atleti on this one as far how the deal went is such an amazing icing on this cake.


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Me at home every time I think about this signing:


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He seems like a lovely humble guy who transforms on the pitch. The kit looks great on him and he speaks well. I hope he has a great debut.


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I'm watching his press conference and the way he speaks is like you'd hear a text being read by the Google Voice A.I. Really weird. :lol:

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