Thomas Partey: Midfield Tank Engine


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Also to A.Madrid who angry with us i mean wtf did you expect? we tried to negotiate all summer you refused we tried swaps and you refused so the last thing we could do is to activate his clause
Its how it is with these south european teams when they come for your players they offer you 5 € in 10 installments, when you pay the price correctly they cry like you robbed them.

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One of the best signings I can remember, not because he’s a great player, because he’s not, but because it improves us and not just papering over some crack.

Not only that, we’re going from bums like Torreira and Elneny who aren’t what we need in the middle of the pitch to someone who has the exact qualities to succeed in the PL.

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At the conclusion of this eventful day, we would like to thank everyone who visited this page. Your interaction gave a different flavor to our coverage of the Thomas Party deal. We were very happy when everything was a success for you first and foremost. We thank everyone who supported us with words and stances, and we seek an excuse and forgive those who offended. We are one family and that is what matters!


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Atletico saying that the relationship between the two clubs is irreparable.

They’re going to hate us even more when they have to spend €20m on that midget Torreira. Atletico played themselves.


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