Thomas Partey: Midfield Tank Engine


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Basically his career down the toilet tbh, he's gonna spend his prime years at a club not in contention for leagues and Champions Leagues, and he's a player good enough to win titles like that.
Can only blame himself for following the money.


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As expected we won't see him play at least 30 league games until he have pre-season. Tierney too it's very frustrating but nobody build as xhaka or Elneny who can play every 3 days


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Arteta ran him into the ground tbh, I said he should of been rested vs Wolves because they’re **** but nevermind I’m not manager.
Would help if your backup is not Elneny or Ceballos you can't trust both they won't dominate Neves or Moutinho the way Partey did

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Meanwhile my man Doucoure tearing it up on Merseyside. I'm afraid this is an occasion I wish I wasn't AOTC.


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What a terrible transfer it has been.

Up there with Hazard at Real Madrid.

Is this serious? He had no real injury history when we signed him. If nothing else I think your comment deserves a bookmark that can be returned to at a later date.

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That's why I mentioned Hazard, who was injury free at Chelsea but became an absolute crook at Real.

Wasn’t Hazard’s problem that he turned up for his signing announcement like this? :lol:



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Partey didn't start, or even play in, every match while at Atletico. Think that's part of why he never had any injury problems there.
That's so easy to forget. Don't know about this season but Atletico certainly played 4-4-2 when Partey was there so he would get rotated a lot under Simeone.

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