Thomas Partey

Do you think Partey will sign for Arsenal?

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Fingers crossed for a late bid , but I suspect we will miss out due to not being able to collect suitable fees for Guendouzi etc.

A shame if we miss out , he fits the exact type of player we need and could easily strengthen a rival at this rate .
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I wouldn't be surprised if we do get him on deadline day in the last hour but if we do I wonder why we always wait till deadline day to do all these deals? Don't forget 6-7 years ago it was Özil we got on deadline day after wanting him & being linked for most of the window.


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**** what that wanker says. He knows nothing that's going on here.
I don't think we'll get Partey but people need to realise that Orny know's nothing here now, he's lost his connection to the club.
He was on top of the Guendouzi and AMN stories from the beginning.


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Everyone who writes off Orny needs to think about his new role at Athletic. His job is not to break stories anymore, he got a lot bigger fishes to fry than that. Leave that work to the simpletons.
Orny has moved up in the world, no longer a transfer merchant.


If we loan Lemar, that will allow them to sign Torreira right?

That would be a weird one, given he was the Partey/Aour of a few windows back but has done nothing much since to suggest that he justified the hype.

Hell, we’ve made weirder last minute signings.
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