Thomas Partey


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They should blame Cholo and his favouritism to golden boys like Koke and Saul. Not that they aren’t important but Thomas does their dirty work and they crumbled against Juve + Leipzig without him.

Imagine a guy like that being on 45,000 euros a week.

Yeah, I mean, like most things in football, ultimately it comes down to the manager, and Cholo's cycle ended a couple years ago and has been in a decadence phase since then. He should've been sacked, they are going nowhere and haven't been for a bit.

Seeing Pochettino come to Atléti would actually be cool for me, means I could like them a bit again, and would raise the tactical/coaching level for top clubs here in Spain which is suddenly kinda ****.


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if he sits as a pivot in our mid protecting our back four then may be just may be we might see the best of Özil this season


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Shaking to this with some wine :Celebration:


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Super excited that we got our Partey! Honestly, I feel very confident with him in our team and feel we have FINELY found a player who could be our next Vieira


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Fantastic signing, I'm pleased we pulled the trigger.

It's been a while since we signed more of a "sure thing" in midfield. Partey is proven at a high level, extremely capable and multi-faceted, and should be ready to go from the off. Hopefully he's able to live up to expectations.


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Is there a PL midfielder that has similar qualities as Partey, I really havent seen enough of Partey to know what we are getting.
Are comparison with Pogba apt?