Thomas Partey


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It was Sinisa, the scumbag.

Yeah sinisa called him black bastard and a black ****ing monkey and Vieira called him a gypsy **** - or at least that what each player claims the other called them.


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Not letting a Sp**s player score during Bergkamp's testimonial was pretty good from him.

Wasn't a bad back-up/squad player tbf, too bad he is one of the worst ever scouts in football history though.

I didnt rate him as a footballer myself, all he seemed to do was just constantly foul.


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Just played this full volume on my TV. Lion King vibes.

La Liga recognizes they lost a giant.



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""He was a very attractive player to them because he was different for his age," says Baños. "He was a very disciplined player, as he is now, and he was very grateful and respectful too.

"I always remember that every day after training, he would shake your hand and thank you for the session and the advice you had given him. He has always been a very good player to have in the dressing room.""


"That eye for goal would become a feature of Partey's game - "he now scores six or seven times per season, which is great for someone who starts the build-up play and operates in front of the defence," notes Baños..."


""He's a boy who understands football well," reflected former Almeria manager Sergi Barjuan in a recent interview with El País. "I used him as an attacking midfielder, a central midfield and even a centre-back.""


""I think the thing he has improved most in recent years is his final pass," says Baños. "He is not just a defensive midfielder. He is now a more adventurous player, with freedom in his movements and scoring ability."

Oltra sums it up succinctly: "He's a boy who does everything well.""


"It's little wonder Simeone has come to value him so highly. "Thomas is an extraordinary player," he said last year.

More recently, the Atletico boss added Partey is good enough to play for "any of the best teams in Europe". "Thomas is the one who best understands his position," he said. "The transition from defence to attack, shooting, scoring, providing assists and playing passes between the lines.""


""I'd seen him play for Atletico but I didn't realise how good he is," said Kieran Trippier, who joined the club from Tottenham last year, during a recent appearance on The Beautiful Game podcast. "He's unbelievable, his physicality, how he breaks up play. Technically he's got everything. I don't think he would have a problem with the Premier League."

It's a view shared by Baños, who admits he would be happy to see him join Arsenal having also worked as a scout for the Gunners.

"I have always said that he is a perfect player for the Bundesliga or the Premier League because of his style of play," he says. "He is a player who is ready and well-suited to succeed at a club like Arsenal.""



Like Özil, xhaka, coqlieun rolled in to one. Time for a 4 1 5 formation.

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Hard to judge from these footballers seen as we know so little about them but Thomas genuinely seems a class act.

Been up against it trying to win Simeone over from day one when he was used as a Fellaini-esque impact sub but he stuck it out, kept his head down and would have ran through walls for the team wherever he played.

Been really treated poorly by the club and I’m
sad to see him leave on the terms he did although it’s Berta’s fault for not paying the man anywhere near where he was worth.

I was worried I’d see him at Utd and Sp*rs but as both a person and player I’m glad he’s here. I hope it’s the start of an exciting new chapter for him and us.


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It was Sinisa, the scumbag.

"Of the incident with Simeone, Grimandi said: "He pulled my shirt and I just tried to push him away. I caught him with the flat of my hand. I didn't want to hurt him. I know a couple of times I won the ball in the air from corners and he was upset." Simeone was left with blood streaming from a cut above his eye and played on with his head heavily bandaged."

"Grimandi was substituted but at the end of the game he was seen fighting with Lazio's Sinisa Mihajlovic and Alessandro Nesta. It is thought that he and Simeone had to be separated in the tunnel after the match."


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Lately I see a lot of racism on here, or ppl trying to provoke racists.
...but when it comes to football...since it is a football protect Sinisa (scum) or whoever...
I am not a racists, I have enormous respect for people's families and ai would never hit anyone if not to protect myself...but....
I would become biggest racist, mother children ****er, and I would treaten players to murder them bare hands...
anything that I think would help me defeat the opposition...
grow some balls and respect Emre Belozoglu :)


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DSTV is the major pan African sports broadcaster and they blew up around the time of the invincibles. Arsenal has a HUGE base because of Thierry Henry, Vieira, Lauren, Kolo, Kanu et al. Chelsea also because of Drogba and Essien. Pool because of Mané and to a lesser extent Salah.

City have relatively few by comparison.

United because of Bebe :)

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