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Discussion in 'Arsenal Talk' started by field442, Oct 5, 2020.

  1. hydrofluoric acid

    hydrofluoric acid Many Men Wish Death Upon Me

    Why are you blaming Arteta for taking long to get him? It's Edu and Vinai job to get the players.
  2. Mrs Bergkamp

    Mrs Bergkamp Established Member Trusted

    I think we did it to pay a lower fee for Aouar and to save money in wages. I'm sure we looked at the fixtures and decided to wing it in the Liverpool and City matches. I feel we've dropped two points but hopefully we go on a winning run.
  3. grange

    grange Well-Known Member

    Edu and Vinai have to beg for pennies from the Kroenkes tight pockets.
  4. DanDare

    DanDare Emoji Merchant and Believer-In-Chief Trusted

    And the irony is, we didn't even save anything.
  5. Mrs Bergkamp

    Mrs Bergkamp Established Member Trusted

    We saved two months wages. That about £2m. It cost us 2-6 points so far.
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  6. TakeChillPill

    TakeChillPill Well-Known Member

    For me it's not our results against city and Liverpool that I care about. It's about winning against the other 17 teams.

    I remember we beat Leicester home and away and they still beat us to the title.
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  7. Ibadan

    Ibadan Thread Bump Police

    I've been watching a lot of Partey's matches for Atletico and wow I really want to apologise to Simeone. They play good football. Their forwards are **** but their approach play is quality.

    Partey started for Atletico with a very delineated role.

    In possession, Partey's drops between or next to the CB's to form a back three.

    Like this:

    And this:

    He drastically improves the options in build up and allows the full backs to push high and wide. Now Trippier is on the wing, Partey can send balls up to him all day. Trippier didn't manage to create anything, but it was very threatening and effective.

    Like this:

    And this:

    And again:

    I guess one thing i've noticed while doing this is the obvious similarity in the 3atb styles being played. With Partey in the side, i'm guessing we'll switch back to a back 4. Partey can drop in to make the 3rd CB when needed.

    I'm not @Football Manager so all I can do is observe, I don't know how to analyse this information. Either way I hope Partey starts on Thursday, will be interesting to see how he's used.
  8. El Duderino

    El Duderino 99 Problems But A Mitch Ain't One Trusted

    Who's our owner again?
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  9. Macho

    Macho Has Trust Issues With Processes Trusted

    Was an excellent post until you said this. You shouldn’t put yourself down like that cause that guy definitely doesn’t know what to do with this info.

    Copy and pastes his own posts and regurgitates “phases of play” whilst reminiscing on past tika taka glories with every post.

    Imma give it two weeks before @Football Manager says Partey should start watch recordings of Iniesta despite spending x amount of years in la liga.
  10. Football Manager

    Football Manager Copy & Paste Merchant

    My preference of how Arsenal plays (what I like) is one thing, my football knowledge is another thing. You can disagree on what I like, because it’s rather subjective. But why stopping others to appreciate what I know?

    He is referring to a post I have posted in the Arteta thread (if you disagree with any of the info below, please point out) :

    That’s because City’s assign the right enough of players, to activate the press at the right time, occupy the right space, and make the right movement. Their pressing is well planned, it’s planned according to how we occupy our space, and also the weaknesses of our certain players. This makes us hard to get out of their press. And our ball can only circulate in the deep area.

    This is a problem Pep has created for Arteta. And Arteta has to come up with a solution. (Maybe tuck in a winger to create more passing options in the middle is a solution. Or drop a CM to the CB position to create the spare man.)

    Or alternatively, Arteta can create a new problem for pep to solve, exploiting the downside of their high press.

    It’s all about how one team press, vs how another team react to it.

    This is what I’ve posted in the ceballos thread:
  11. Ibadan

    Ibadan Thread Bump Police

  12. Ibadan

    Ibadan Thread Bump Police

    You literally cope & pasted to make your point that you're not a copy and paste merchant :lol::lol::facepalm:
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  13. Jury

    Jury Mission Accomplished

    Tbf, and unless I’m mistaken, he’s not denying anywhere that he copies and pastes his own posts to make a point.
  14. OnlyOne

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    This posting doesn’t suit you bro.
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  15. Ibadan

    Ibadan Thread Bump Police

    I keep trying to post fruity memes but the homophobic mods here don't like it :(
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  16. CaseUteinberger

    CaseUteinberger Cazorla (not Carzola ffs)

    Atletico losing 4-0 to Bayern without Partey... Just saying... :)
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  17. Big Poppa

    Big Poppa Established Member Trusted

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  18. celestis

    celestis Arsenal-Mania Veteran Moderator

    Yup ironically would we have this carry on about players contracts and cost cutting If we had CL money again? I think not.
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  19. APierre

    APierre You Wanna Come Out Here?

    Man of the match.
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  20. MutableEarth

    MutableEarth Bloody awesome NSFW avatars Trusted

    Fantastic player. Not just defensively but his use of the ball was top tier.
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