Thomas Partey


One of the best signings I can remember, not because he’s a great player, because he’s not, but because it improves us and not just papering over some crack.


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How did this forum suddenly become full of religious drivel? Don't these people have any idea of English football culture?

Blood on the Tracks

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The current population of Ghana as of Monday October 5 is 31,238,252

Think we've just made 31,238,251 new fans, lads.

(1 of them must have stuck with us from the Frimpong days :lol:)


It's a photo of a dance group named "Ghana Dance Ensemble", you idiot. Educate yourself, look at those colours.

"The group was founded in 1962 on basis of a very successful cooperation of the governmental Institute of Art and Culture and Institute of African Studies at the Ghana University. Ghana Dance Ensemble is a group created with the goal to preserve rich heritage of the Ghana dance culture and support the creative work and creativity using Ghana dances as a basis. Since the beginning the group was supposed to be flag ship of professional global representation of Ghana and its musical and dance heritage and thus based on top-quality professional work and experimental research. In 1960‘s and 1970‘s the group together with Ballet African of Guinea Conakry presented to the world breathtaking insight into African aesthetics and culture from the African point of view. The current form of the Ghana Dance Ensemble under the leadership of Ben ObidoAyetteykeepsthe authenticity of traditions but at the same time widens the repertoire and examines dance as tool of expressing contemporary questions."

Arsenal Mania, the home of Ghanaian expressive dance.


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Next summer we lose Ceballos, we lose Özil and more important we lose around £30M a year off the wage bill from 4 players leaving. Expect another big signing in midfield next year.

Also forgetting ESR will be playing games for us which is brilliant
I think there's some money still in the bank because we did try to get Aouar, so next summer could be great for us. We need to make sure that we secure CL place, I don't care if it's through EL or top 4.

If we can integrate ESR and Martinelli, we'll have a lot of money to add a RB and Ceballos, probably more than that.