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Country: Ireland
I’m a red member trying to get 2 tickets for the Sheffield United match for my 7 year old sons birthday and his first time to see arsenal. Iv tried so many options and have been offered numerous fake tickets. Is there anyone out there that could possibly help me out?? Willing to pay good money for them if necessary 🙏🏻


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Country: Sweden
If anyone has a ticket available for ticket transer against Burnley I´m very intrested. Got a ticket on ticket exchange for the game against Sevilla and would be nice to se one more game (traveling from Sweden and staying until sunday). Does anyone know if there usually become tickets available at ticket exchange on matchday?

Best regards.


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Country: Slovakia
Hello everyone,
Me and my fiancee are from Slovakia, both red members trying to get 2 tickets for any home game as it would be our first time ever to attend an Arsenal game and a big dream come true. If anyone would be willing to transfer2 tickets to us it would mean so much.
Thank you!


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Country: England

I have 2 tickets next to each other available for Arsenal vs Wolves December 2nd. No price mark ups or touting stuff, can just message me if anyone would like to buy them as my wife decided that is a good day to book me to take my son to see santa.


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Country: England

Big update - you must enter the ballot and fail to have access to ticket exchange.

If you forget to enter the ballot, no exchange fun times for you.

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