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Top 5 players 21/22


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Who do people believe were our top 5 peforming players this season?

In my opinion:

1. Ramsdale - Outstanding first half of season and was good the in second half of the season. Saved us so many points this season with his outstanding saves that in some cases had no right to be making.

2. Ødegaard - oozes class, such an a very intelligent, hard working and consistent player who has become a leader in the team.

3. Saka - started the season slowly but was unplayable in the month of Decmeber. From then on his form was patchy. Saka will have a run of games as passenger then a run of games being absolutely top class. Lead the team in goals and also assists in the league this season.

4. Martinelli - Got into starting line over ESR who for much of season was our top scorer. This was due to his overall game, not only a fast excellent dribbler but who pressed effectively and worked hard defensively.

5. Gabriel - made some mistakes towards the end of season but made a lot of very strong and good peformances throughout the season

ESR just misses out who despite being only the bench for majority of season got 10 league goals and was our second highest goal scorer. Honourable mention to Tomi who also had a very good season but unfortunately had injury issues.


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In no particular order...

Ødegaard - Makes us tick & is the grease in the machine. The missing link. Hoping he kicks on even more next season with more assists & goals.

Ramsdale - He is a character & quite animated, but so was Jens. Still very young for a keeper & you can see the ability he has with both hands & feet. Produced some incredible saves but just needs to improve his decision making a bit..

White - Seems like a very assured & calm defender & has built a good partnership with Gabriel. Needs to cut out some of the errors, but otherwise has shown to be a solid defender..

Saka - Our main man & one bona fide star. Keeps performing & form rarely dips & is gradually adding more goal contributions to his game. We really need someone he can rotate with or we'll burn him out.

ESR - Didn't play as much as he may have liked but he has finally shown some personality on the pitch & finding his game. Most Improved player this season & for the minutes he played, his goals & assists are excellent. Really hoping he can play more next season.


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5. Xhaka - Partey was very good this season, but the injury just let him down a little and Granit deserves some praise...our on pitch leader, and has played like it this year.

4. Ramsdale - Dodgy end to the season, but what a debut campaign for a young keeper...not just his on field performances, but his personality has been big for us too.

3. Ødegaard - We have gone up a level as an attacking team under Arteta, with Martin being the main reasons for that...so happy we have him.

2. Gabriel - Built on his promising first season, and I really feel that this time next season he will be considered one of the best CBs in the league...can do a bit of everything at CB, some big goals too.

1. Saka - After the heartbreak of the Euros, he has bounced back to have a brilliant season...quality all round player, that's now starting to put up some good numbers...scary player.
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Saka - The most consistent player in our team right now. Effective even when he is out of form.

Ødegaard - Huge cog in our machine, if he is off his game we immediately see it and suffer as a result. Has some issues still, like not being able to handle being pressed intensely, but will improve.

Partey - Another player that's so important in our way play. Critically important for our ability to get between the lines, and keep the ball in advanced areas. Negatives, he is fragile.

Ramsdale - Really has done well this season, literally hit the ground running. Brings in distribution from the back and that helps us bring teams forward as well as get behind them. Dropped form and effectiveness as the season went on, but a highlight of the season for sure.

Tomiyasu - Was difficult to choose between him and White for me. Went with Tomi because of his ability to slot into so many roles and be effective. Gives us options for various scenarios, the only negative is how fragile he seems.

What bothers me is how much we rely on Partey and Tomiyasu. If we want to step up a level, we cant afford this.


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Gabriel - a lot of the wins we picked up in the first half of the season where due to being pretty solid at the back and I felt he was the main reason for that. Like the rest of the defence really tailed off in the last couple months.

Saka - from December onwards he really stepped it up as probably our best player. Been overplayed though and could've come in and out of the starting line up a few times when he was quiet. He didn't have to play every game when we had a capable backup.

Xhaka - probably his most consistent season for us. In reality he's been our best midfielder in Arteta's time here. You notice the difference when he's not in the team which admittedly should be a worry for us but it is what it is.

Tomiyasu - when he's been fit he's looked consistently good for me. Only poor game I can really remember was at Newcastle but again that was probably to do with fitness which is a obviously big worry going forward.

White - the fee was obviously talked about a lot but I think he's been decent for the most part. Encouraging for us and I expect him to continue improving.

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That's a spine to build around and when fit and at their best, they've each carried our hopes for the season.


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Good thread this one 👍

Saka - classy, intelligent playmaking winger. He's only getting better.
Ødegaard - very influential in the team now and will go up a level with better forwards around him.
Gabriel - love this guy, warrior who gets goals as well. Underrated passer.
Partey - Still an enigma in some ways, but one of the best in the league when he's fit and firing.
Tomiyasu - What debut season. Defensively already one of the best in the league in his position. Wonder "what if" if he had played more matches.

For me it's those 5 based on consistent performances when they were fit though Partey and Tomi had some big injury issues. Just missing out on my list because of either some bad form, lack of minutes or more injuries were;

ESR - the boy added goals to his game
Ramsdale - leadership, passion & gutsy distribution
Tierney - very underrated on AM and we miss him badly when he's out
Laca - Brilliant for a period, look at our results when Auba was dropped, but couldn't sustain it.
Xhaka - A passing metronome and important to the team, despite the odd howler.
White - see above
Martinelli - I'm still unsure who I prefer on the left between him and The Smith but his acceleration and instinct are electric. If he can put it all together we'll be dining good.


Hello to all Gooners mates! I'm a young italian Arsenal fan;
i fall in love for the team start of 2022 and from that moment i watched all matches.

my top 5 players of the season (or better say from start 2022)

Gabriel: i really like him, i think my favourite player of the season
Saka: many good games i could watch from him. hope he continue to improve but have very good level!
Martinelli: impressive his speed and talent, i think our player wih highest potencial, need to find continuity; for me by far better then ESR
Partey: pity for injuries but the matches i could see of him were impressive
Ødegaard: good , but also need to find more continuity in my opinion, and i will like to see him make more deep passes for the speed of Saka and Martinelli

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1.) Saka
2.) Gabriel
3.) Partey
4.) White
5.) Ramsdale

Gabriel is an absolute monster player. I think he is my favorite player in the team.


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Instead of repeating it I would probably go for @Riou list.

I'd probably squeeze White in there somewhere though, like Ødegaard it doesn't look right when he's not on. Think before his injury he made the most starts in the prem under Mikel as well.

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I really like Ødegaard and was all for his signing. He should probably make my list but some games he is just so off and it hurts the team. But then again sometimes he runs the show.

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