Trésor Mputu

Discussion in 'Transfer Rumours' started by gooners_4_lyf, Nov 17, 2007.


    EMIR8_SOLDIER New Member

    Whats the story, any updates..Are we going for trez or not?
  2. GoonerGurjit

    GoonerGurjit New Member Elite

  3. godfather

    godfather New Member

    500,000 and better than Samuel Eto'o? I'll be on the moon if this guy will be just as good as him.
    Get him!!!
  4. Wenger is a genius, I will not be suprised if he goes on to be better than E'too!
  5. nidza7

    nidza7 New Member

    classic Wenger deal imo.
  6. Arsenal_FAN1983

    Arsenal_FAN1983 New Member

    Deal is not done yet, but we have got first option on him by the looks of it, which is good.
  7. mccroix

    mccroix New Member

    dead anyone see the comment by "BobbyBlogger" underneath?

    Obviously Wenger knows more than "BobbyBlogger" :p
    but Im surprized no one else has really heard about him....
    not beeing negative here, and I haven't seen him play but BobbyBlogger's comment makes me wonder
  8. kym7224

    kym7224 New Member

    I believe Wenger and our scouts more than that Bobbyblogger.

    He had his trial with us Wenger has enough time to see how he can do.

    Bit of nonsense IMO.
  9. mccroix

    mccroix New Member

    I agree, still I will only judge after I've seen him play and of course I have faith in Wenger and I trust him and support him with all decisions but there are some questionmarks concerning Mputu without having seen him in action...
  10. kym7224

    kym7224 New Member

    Every tranfer has its danger, even Kaka can fail in Premiership. :wink:

    If he is 500K as mentioned I think we have nothing to lose.
  11. Lord Dula

    Lord Dula New Member Elite

    Except for £500k
  12. tactica442

    tactica442 Member Trusted

    don't understand where that Bobbyblogger came from. If his verdict on Mputu is based on his observation on the player's performance in ACN, then AW's scouts must be watching but concluded with a report to AW with a trial suggestion. If this Congonese does get a deal, maybe he would be thrown to Salamanca on loan?
  13. tactica442

    tactica442 Member Trusted

    Agree. I don't think Mputu is worth of 500k, even for a structural, performance-dependent deal. If Muptu's people trying to push the price, AW might pull the plug like what he did in Hobb's deal.
  14. USArsenal

    USArsenal H.Y.I.C. Administrator

    ok, a couple of observations...

    a) Bobbyblogger??? who the feck is this?

    b) he said he wasnt impressed with the lad at the last ACN... um, the kid was 2 years younger then.. it has been SINCE then he has impressed

    c) on the website, Wenger himself has said that he impressed on trial...

    $500k is a SMALL amount of money for someone who has the POTENTIAL to be great.. we paid more than that for Song... and Clichy... and Flamini... etc
  15. MDGoonah41

    MDGoonah41 New Member

    Bobbyblogger = MrTalentScout
  16. baccy_man

    baccy_man Active Member

    did'nt we pay £500K for a certain Nicholas Anelka. and we made something like £23 million out of his transfer,
    so if Mputu does turn out to be a diamond that would be money well spent.
  17. mccroix

    mccroix New Member

    don't want anyone to get me wrong...I'm ALL for it...I'm just saying I thing it's a bit over the top to call him the next Eto'o
  18. number_0

    number_0 Member

    not worth it imo

    we got toure for half that price
  19. USArsenal

    USArsenal H.Y.I.C. Administrator

    im ASSUMING that was toungue-in-cheek?

    500k in todays market is a trickle in the waterfall...
  20. rednwhitearmy

    rednwhitearmy Resident Noob

    I don't want him - keep Vela - whens he back by they way?

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