Transfer Deadline Day 2013/2014 Winter

Discussion in 'Transfer Rumours' started by yousif_arsenal, Jan 31, 2014.

  1. yousif_arsenal

    yousif_arsenal King of Twitter Rumours Moderator

    He must do that he should bring us a striker that better then Giroud.
  2. TheCourier

    TheCourier Active Member

    Madness over back to supporting the great players we have 2nd in the league, beaten spuds in fa cup, got out of group of death in cl......COYG!

  3. cannonade

    cannonade Well-Known Member

  4. jones

    jones Not German FFS Trusted

    Yeah, Kate Abdo, Manure supporter. Would tap that ass all deadline day long though.
  5. Anzac

    Anzac Active Member

    So AW hasn't changed his spots and has followed true to his comments at the AGM Q&A that the new money and signing Özil doesn't change a thing.
    The priority/policy remain internal development supplemented by opportunities to sign 'special quality to improve the team',
    rather than quality to sustain our level.

    Yet we still have the same issues unresolved - been this way each season since 2008.

    Any loan deal is nothing more than playing the numbers game.

    Wonder when they'll announce AW's new deal - can hardly wait.
  6. Chappers

    Chappers Active Member

    Anzac is the only happy member today. I'll be taking a couple of weeks off this site to escape the ****storm that will follow. Don't mention that we could potentially be back at the top of the table at the end of the week because we're doomed.
  7. Chappers

    Chappers Active Member

    Yeah, we're such a mess. :roll:
  8. kenkbc2

    kenkbc2 New Member

    Let's hope he remembers this day the next time he gets frustrated at the players on the pitch and starts throwing waters bottles to the ground on the technical area...

    You make the sleep in it, Arsène..
  9. mo50

    mo50 Active Member Elite

    Really though, signing someone that would take our attack up a level was never going to happen this window. Where we messed up was this summer. Plenty of decent options floating about but we didn't capitalize. Letting Higuain go to Napoli was a huge error.
  10. cannonade

    cannonade Well-Known Member

    Was that not also a valuation disagreement? Didn't Madrid raise the price and we dug in and wouldn't pay? Why was that an error to not overpay for Higuain in the summer?
  11. dka91

    dka91 Well-Known Member

    True but, Higuain would've been worth the 30-35m or so it probably would have taken, to get him in the end, I think we should have just gotten him.

    But what I really regret is us missing out on Jovetic, looks like he might be making the step up after coming back from injury, I believe with Wenger's guidance he could've become world class, ahh well...its too late now...
  12. onetowatch

    onetowatch Well-Known Member

    It's obviously been a disappointing window and we're kidding ourselves if we think otherwise.

    Until the end of 2013, our squad was in good shape with only a striker required. However, with Theo out for the season we had the best part of January to replace his goals and end product. Our player of the season is now out til late March, by which point our season could well have ended given the run of tough fixtures between now and then. Theo and Ramsey are two of our most productive players in terms of goals. We needed to strengthen that side of the squad.

    As usual though we are too passive and not pro active enough in the transfer market. Making some cheap and frankly laughable loan attempts in the final hours when we had the whole month to put our plans in action.

    For those that say no quality is available in Jan - Salah, Zouma, Draxler, Knoplyanaka (sp?), Berbatov are just a few names that either have moved or were seemingly available and would have improved us in areas where we are short. You put up enough money and you'd be amazed at what becomes available.

    Four windows have passed since we sold Judas and we still haven't replaced him. Unacceptable and negligent. Let's hope Giroud stays fit otherwise we are ****ed.
  13. mo50

    mo50 Active Member Elite

    To be fair I'm speaking in hindsight. At the time we moved on and were led to believe that Suarez was available at 40m. Looking back I would've thrown 35m at Madrid for Higuain even though that's 10m more than he's worth. Who knew our CF situation would be so dire.
  14. cannonade

    cannonade Well-Known Member

    I understand. We didn't overpay for Higuain, though we could/should have, given how the rest of the striker search went.
    For now, overpaying for Draxler looks stupid, but, and I know it's a big but, if Draxler develops into another Bale (and he has shown tremendous talent and athleticism), whatever we might have paid for him now could look cheap later.
  15. Chappers

    Chappers Active Member


    Yeah, even a club in debt would pay £37m for a 20 year-old if they knew he'd become world class. The thing is it's incredibly irresponsible for a club like Arsenal to go on a hunch when the player is all potential. There are wonderkids who, at a similar age, had proven that they were destined for greatness but has Draxler proven that yet? Even if he has he may be at least another couple of seasons away from becoming an integral part of the squad. Is it worth it to pay a premium for a player that will take a couple of years before he is worth his transfer fee if ever? It's the most complicated transfer to evaluate due to a lot of factors such as priority needs of the squad, position, his value to the team short-term and long-term, how much money will the club have remaining for other targets etc.
  16. Anzac

    Anzac Active Member

    Why the frakk would I be happy - did AW resign/get the sack? :twisted:
  17. Webdesignlab

    Webdesignlab New Member

    Bloody hell, Anzac SUFFERS for Arsenal ... you think he is happy LOL?

    **** off.
  18. Webdesignlab

    Webdesignlab New Member

    Then again we ALL suffer for Arsenal.
  19. North5

    North5 Here since 2009. Still no custom title.

    I have a feeling the summer transfer window is going to be the same. Being a WC year and all. I can see the excuses already. I would bet that Giroud will be out starting striker next season.
  20. Anzac

    Anzac Active Member

    What I don't get re Higuain was that statistically he's been the best striker in Europe over the past 4 seasons, and we know AW lives off his player stats so he would/should have known that.

    In part I think the issue was that Higuain would have been best as s direct replacement for Giroud as CF, whereas Suarez could also play with Giroud from SS/WF - more bang/flexibility for the buck?

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