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Transfer Deadline Day Summer 2022: Much Edu About Nothing

Are you satisfied with our transfer window as a whole?

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I mean, 80% of this board was giving the Ødegaard/Ramsdale/White/Tomi window last year a 3/10 so freaking out is par for the course.

Going for hot takes before the window is over is always going to make you look dumb.

If they complete the Luiz signing, this has been a very good window.

If they don't do anything to address the CM issues, that's pretty disappointing even though the Jesus/Zinchenko signings looks terrific. Loaning out Pepe without replacing him would also be ... strange, and not ideal.
Reminded me Zinny can play CM lets gooooo


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Villa are a bit weird for this, they should be getting his replacement anyway if he's leaving in a few months


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Reminded me Zinny can play CM lets gooooo

We will never play with 3 left footers in a midfield 3, and since Xhaka and Ødegaard will always play if El Neny or Partey are not there we need a right footer. Zinchenko will never play in a midfield 3 of Xhaka and Ødegaard.


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Always liked @Riou .

Shame we wont see him post here anymore.
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