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Transfer Deadline Day Summer 2022: Much Edu About Nothing

Are you satisfied with our transfer window as a whole?

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Game Over

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Partey is injury prone yes. Elneny is solid. But nothing spectacular. Along with Xhaka, Lokonga and Zinchenko while we lacked quality we had numbers.

So maybe we were waiting for the right player. Or until January while we prioritised a wide player.

Now 3 of those 5 above are injured. We have had to react. It isn't rocket science like is it?

It’s Edu’s job to be proactive.

A CDM should have been a priority after how last season ended with Partey’s/Tierney’s injuries.

We improved LB back up, but hoped we’d scrape by in midfield. Now it costs us.


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Wtf is going on? Villa haven't even been starting him. He has a year left and they don't want to sell? 23 million for a player they don't use...
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