OFFICIAL Tyreece John-Jules (Loan)

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Need to just sell this kid, these constant loans aren't really doing much, they gonna just keep loaning him out till his contract expires..


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He needs game time to develop and he’s not going to get that at Arsenal. Ahead of him are Lacazette, Nketiah, Aubameyang and I’m sure Balogun too. Not looking good on that front.

However he’s very young and have time to improve.


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Wednesday have lots of forwards on the books so this is a curious move but Moore's worked with him already and got decent performances from him so I'm hopeful, especially after how the Blackpool loan collapsed. He really didn't suit that team and it looked difficult from the first few games.

The club seem to rate TJJ a lot (as do I) so they'll be hoping he can start to get a consistent run of games and form. His biggest problem is definitely not talent and ability but rather his propensity for injuries - something which seems to have subsided since he went on loan this Summer. Let's hope he has a strong half season with Wednesday. I think TJJ has the kind of profile I like in a CF and could be a star but he needs to be a bit more forceful and clinical to survive in first team football.


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If Danny John-Jules is the Cat.

Does that mean that Tyreece should be nicknamed the Kitten?
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