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UEFA Champions League Final: Manchester City vs Inter | June 10 | KO: 20:00 BST

Who wins the CL?

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Inzaghi played a blinder. Backline was great, Barella and Brozovic ok, Calhanoglu and the forwards atrocious. Better players and he batters Pep 3-1

Wishlisted him a couple years ago too been tremendous at Lazio too.
Completely nullified every city threat. Tactical masterclass. We have a **** who has the same simple tactics every single game


Rice Rice Baby 🎼🎵

But I can assure you it won't have surpassed this one on the ****ometer scale.
It was a mid off between Juventus and Milan that was 0-0 and went to pens.

How come you keep taking “the PL is stronger than it used to be” as everything in football is better now? :lol:


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Completely nullified every city threat. Tactical masterclass.



🎵 Edu getting rickrolled 🎵
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Statistically speaking, tonight has shown that going unbeaten is at least twice as difficult as winning the treble...

I say at least because another way of thinking about it is that someone wins the CL every year, but how often do you see a team going unbeaten?


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Took 24 years for another team to win the treble after United.

Been 19 years since the invincibles.


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Lukaku should have started just to tire out the City players a little, his only use...Old Man Dzeko should have been the sub, he wouldn't have missed

Massive L from the beta Inzaghi tonight, Arteta would never!


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Is Alverez mashing Peps daughter?


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Took 24 years for another team to win the treble after United.

Been 19 years since the invincibles.
And nobody will go Invincible in the PL in the next 5 years. City will lose to someone next and every other season. The Invincibles record will be safe for decades and the way the climate is going, humanity will be extinct before someone does it.
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