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UEFA Champions League Final: Manchester City vs Inter | June 10 | KO: 20:00 BST

Who wins the CL?

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Who's the guy interviewing the players on the pitch?

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If we get Rice, Caicedo and another striker or winger and don't have big injuries, we can stop them next season.
the problem man city won't stand still and watch they'll improve their team too. we'll have chance when pep can f**k off he too good and players respect him and preform for him.


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Hope Arteta has learnt to stop giving these cheats respect and play to win.

Creating this image of them being this unbeatable winning machine when they are anything but, gets into the heads of our players.


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Twitter is a cesspool right now.

A lot of our fans are trying to get the sympathy vote using the “imagine we competed with this City powerhouse” making it out as if they’re an incredible side.


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Nobody stopping these c**ts anyway as long Pep is here not even nerd Arteta they simply too powerful maybe Newcastle can if they cheat too. not even Klopp will stop Man city he gone from Salah Mane Firmino to Nunez and Jota.

not looking good chiefs.
All it takes is a well placed Shawcross or Martin Taylor or two and they could be bolloxed...

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On Vinai's payroll & misses 4th place trophy 🏆
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They really good today. If Dzeko wasn’t finished, Lautaro wasn’t a big time bottler and Lukuku never existed they could’ve knicked it.

Btw. I wouldn’t mind us going in for Bastoni.
to be fair they did all they could just sadly messed the chances they got they looked gassed after 60 minutes because as expected serie a is not about playing with this kind of football and pace for 90 minutes also Inter lost 12 times in league they just above average team.

yes Bastoni is very good defender the issue he is 3 at the back he rarely played back 4 and he inter boy doubt he'll ever leave.
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