UEFA Champions League Final: PSG v Bayern

Who do you want to win?

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AM's drunk uncle, looking for excuses 🤥
Sane is out of our league, sadly. We can't even look in his direction without feeling like footballing ogres.


AM's drunk uncle, looking for excuses 🤥
He did his best staying wide, getting in behind and delivering pullbacks.

There’s a reason why Pep didn’t play him that often to the point where he’s had to leave.
When you've got the options Pep had, players as good as Sane can sometimes not be the perfect fit; that's what you look for when you have the options Pep had. It's no slight on the player though.

rich 1990

Not A Big Believer In Diversity
Him as well. He isn't looking at us no more than that slim ting in Lidl is looking at you, Rich. Levels.
I don't go in Lidl's ffs. It's Aldi's.

Sane hasn't been linked with us so i don't know why you'd bring that up.