UEFA Champions League Group Stage: Matchday 1 (Sep 14 & 15)


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There long way for Barca they need to start move on from the old guys like Pique Alaba and Buesquest they finished build the squad around De Jong Fati and Pedri.

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Well, that was a fun game. Atalanta created many chances like the Atalanta of old. Lol at Barca! Basically a Segunda Division team now. Chelsea and Juventus win as well. Lille and Dinamo draw.

2-0 Bayern

1-0 Chelsea

2-1 Villarreal

2-2 Atalanta

3-0 Bayern



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United cost me so much money.

An Ole masterclass on what not to do when in charge of a team of that caliber. Mediocre manager. "Cast not pearls before swine".


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I think we saw the difference between Ronaldo and Messi last night. Outside of the goal Ronaldo did absolutely nothing. For 10 years now he has been pure penalty box player. Very similar to Lewandowski. Messi would have hurt young boys on his own. Outside of heading he is pretty much better at everything. Even scoring


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Malen playing well for Dortmund.

I'd like him back at Arsenal as a CF. Auba, Malen, and Martinelli would be a good group of strikers next season when Laca leaves, with Balogun on loan.