UEFA Champions League Group Stage: Matchday 2 (Sep 28 & 29)


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City lacked the cutting edge, sorely missing a dependable goal scorer that is usually needed in these high-stake ties where chances come at a premium.

PSG didn't create many chances, but when you've got the likes of Messi, you only need one.

Their lack of a reliable goalscorer will be their undoing this season I think.. All the other teams challenging have a superstar forward or several, I just don't see anyone City can rely on.


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Can someone explain why Milan fans complain about Kessies red card (second yellow)? That offence is bookable every day in the week.

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Remember when City said they didn’t want to sign Messi because he couldn’t force Barca to sell him last year or something?

Imagine coming out with that, missing Kane and rolling with no top striker all year. Yikes.

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Grealish is going to find it difficult if he's going to be stagnant in that LW position, he is not tricky and fast enough to get past his man. He is better with space in front of him in which he can run into. He should play on the left side of midfield imi


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PSG showed quality every time they had the ball which was not a lot.
Yeah, they put together some nice combinations when they had the ball and ultimately had the better chances over the course of the match (save from City hitting the bar).

Verrati was the best player on the pitch


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@Trilly and @Rex Banter running like a 100m sprinter as I walk through these streets.

I heard you still rocking them boot cuts too?

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