UEFA Champions League Round of 16 1st Legs (Feb 16/17 & 23/24)


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Haaland saw Mbappe do it up last night and took it upon himself....kid's an animal! These two will have a great rivalry!


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Someone mock up that Schwarzenegger meme with the white arm and the black arm with 'Haaland', 'Mbappe', and 'Being excellent' in the middle.


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Juventus had a **** half, Ronaldo non-existant. (Lots of possession, one wonder attempt the entire half by Rabbiot to show for it)

If Porto had better players this tie would be over.


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Hopefully Mbappe/Haaland end up outside of the EPL so I can keep enjoying them play without guilt.

Can totally see Mbappe to Madrid but I feel City is going to go all out on Haaland. Good thing is his RC is so cheap he basically decides where he goes and he doesn't seem to be a greedy guy so he may go on to replace Lewa or Benzema.


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Haaland is white excellence

Having genes conducive to excellence in this context and an upbringing conducive to excellence in this context excellence. :lol:

It was at least the first thing that struck me when I saw him live. The pace married to the size. It is not such a common combination.

As I said, a damn unicorn. To be that tall and rapid, while also having the type of football intelligence and composure he does at such a young age is incredible.


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Hope Sancho and Haaland stay at Dortmund for one more year so we can watch them under Marco Rose and with a reinforced defense. Doubt it though, especially with regard to Sancho.

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Are Messi and Ronaldo actually not even going to make the quarter finals?

When was the last time that happened? 2004 or something.


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Macca sticking it to the Sevilla players :lol:

Is there any accent in the English language that does "exasperated" as well as Scouse? Top notch.

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