UEFA Champions Quarter-Finals (Aug 12-15)

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I think he means we could have had Vvd for 13m rather than 80m, Dembele for 22m rather than 60m.

I think we did learn with Tierney and paid 25m rather than 70m to Southampton.

Swear we were definitely linked with Van Dijk when he was still at Celtic, should've just taken the gamble. We signed the likes of Chambers, Gabriel, etc around the same time for more money too.

But yeah this whole "let's see how they do at a PL side first" thinking is absolute nonsense. It's painfully obvious when a player is good enough, same with Edouard now.


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Loool this was way too funny...my man seriously lost the plot.

Pep tho makes the most dumbest decisions in the CL knockouts. Remember when he played 3 at the back with a high line against MSN? He wasted Bayern’s chances to clinch another 1 or two CL trophies.

And last night what was he thinking? Playing Fernandinho whilst Leaving Mahrez/Bernardo/Foden on the bench? What was the need for Fernandinho?


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The champions league is a brutal competition to crack tbf. So much luck involved. We were probably the best (/one of the best) teams in the world from around 1998-2004 and never got close. Fergie only won it twice etc.

I rate league wins more highly, although Pep’s struggle in this competition since he left Barca is definitely a blot on his (otherwise incredible) record.
Proper funny competition the CL. You can’t even really try to invest to win it as the return on investment is so far from guaranteed.

You basically have to aim for the quarters every year then just let luck take over. Pep doesn’t help himself though, seems to bottle it every year.


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The commentator sound like arsenal player shagged his wife ffs. The most biased commentary you'll ever see :lol::lol:

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