UEFA Europa Conference League Final, May 25th, Tirana, Albania


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This is the first major international football event taking place in an Albanian capital, more specific in Tirana therefore I thought it would be of common interest to all football fans to know more about this event, which I believe is newly re-introduced. I know that most major teams do not aim this competition however it still remains an international race and it of course is an important event for the teams which achieve the final.​

The final will take place in Tirana, tonight, May 25th, 21:00CET

Teams to play in the final : Roma (Italy) vs Feyenoord (Holland/The Netherlands )


UEFA Europa Conference League: All you need to know​

How does UEFA's new club competition work? Who is in the group stage? Where is the 2022 final?

What is the UEFA Europa Conference League?

There is a third season-long UEFA men's football club competition for the first time in more than 20 years in the form of the UEFA Europa Conference League. We explain everything.

Who enters the UEFA Europa Conference League?

In all, 184 teams are involved over the course of the season, including at least one from each of the 55 associations and 46 clubs transferring from either the UEFA Champions League or UEFA Europa League.

2021/22 club competition access list

Before the group stage there were three qualifying rounds and a play-off round (split into a main path, and a champions path for those transferring from the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League champions path). The access list explains which teams (including some national cup winners) entered from which associations and in which rounds, as well as how clubs transferred from the other competitions.

No teams qualified directly for the group stage, with the 32 teams consisting of:

  • 17 teams from the UEFA Europa Conference League main path
  • 5 teams from the UEFA Europa Conference League champions path*
  • 10 teams eliminated in the UEFA Europa League play-offs**

How does the UEFA Europa Conference League work?

There are eight groups of four teams, followed by knockout round play-offs, the round of 16, quarter-finals, semi-finals and final.

The eight group winners automatically go through to the last 16. Additional knockout round play-offs will then be played before the round of 16 between the eight group runners-up and the third-ranked teams from the UEFA Europa League groups.

Where is the UEFA Europa Conference League final in 2022?

Tirana's 21,690-capacity National Arena (Arena Kombëtare) will stage the first final on 25 May 2022, as announced by the UEFA Executive Committee on 3 December 2020. The stadium opened in November 2019 with a European Qualifier between Albania and France. It was built, with the help of UEFA's HatTrick assistance programme, on the site of the former Qemal Stafa Stadium in the centre of the Albanian capital.

When are UEFA Europa Conference League games played?

The UEFA Europa Conference League fixtures take place on Thursdays along with UEFA Europa League games, though the final in Tirana will be a week after the UEFA Europa League final in Seville on 18 May 2022. The matches of the two competitions are in principle equally split between the two time slots: 18:45 CET (no longer 18:55) and 21:00 CET.

For more, check the link please: UEFA Europa Conference League


Cedric and Mari ruined my life
How many different UEFA competitions will he have won by tonight?
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You know if he wins tonight, Mourinho will enter football history under 3 categories:

First manager to win ECL
First manager to win all 3 European league competitions
The manager who gave Roma its first European trophy since 1972.

Big night for the man.

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