UEFA Europa Conference League Final, May 25th, Tirana, Albania

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Finally congratulation to Niles and Mkh on their medals, always nice to see former Gunners do well...


...Henrik's hair is looking much better these days, must have gone to the same guy as Rob.

I know Arnold but who's the other guy supposed to be?


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You can despise both Arteta and Mourinho. I do. I will always despise Mourinho for his behaviour against our best manager ever. Arsenal fans that celebrates Maureen are despicable as far as i am concerned. Btw: This is a glorified Intertoto Cup.
Can't believe I agree on something with @ExtjExhtts

People here hate on Mikel because he's apparently a "bad" person. Some even said even if he brings success with major trophies they'll hate Mikel but ok with mou? The **** disrespected Arsène so many times. One of the most despicable person in football for me. Can never accept arsenal fans wanting him. He'll take a shot at Wenger at every pressure situation he's in by saying Wenger was given time etc just like his United press conferences 🤮


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That was a good match. I just feel sorry I was not in Tirana to see Mou and his reactions live. :lol: However, it was nice being able to watch it on a TV screen. I thought Feyenoord had a game too, I must admit though that I wanted Roma to win it like most of the people here. There is a strong connection between Italy and Albania especially. We, in Kosova are more neutral. lol

It was a great event for a small country like Albania and most of people enjoyed it, especially those that were involved in the trade, accommodation etc. lol, you could see it from the social media and other media. I was just waiting what will happen after the match because the Feyenoord ultras were more engaged in making troubles, a night before the match, drinking and other stuff. However, seem that they are heartbroken and were not in the mood of troubles. :D From what I have read the ultras of both teams had some fights in the past.

Congrats to Mou and Roma. Cannot wait for Kosova to organize events like this, one day.


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Mourinho's presser. By the end of it Roma players storm in and drench him in Champaign.



Only Came To See Granit Xhaka

Chelsea haven't won the Premier League for 50 years
José Mourinho came and won it with Chelsea
Inter Milan haven't won the Champions League for 45 years
José Mourinho came and won it with Inter Milan
Real Madrid haven't won the Copa del Rey for 22 years
José Mourinho came and won it with Real Madrid
Manchester United haven't won a European Cup for 9 years
José Mourinho came and won the Europa League with Man United
Roma had never won a European Cup in their history
José Mourinho came and won the Conference League
5 European finals
5 wins
First coach in history to win all European Cups
First manager in history to win a European trophy with 4 different clubs

source: social media


Only Came To See Granit Xhaka
I think the organization in Tirana went quite well, apart from some minor incidents with the drunk fans.

As per our ancient code, the house of an Albanian belongs to God and the guest. Hopefully the guests will respect that as well.:eyess:

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