UEFA Europa League Final: Chelsea v Arsenal | May 29, 2019 20:00 BST | BT Sport

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Scenes at Red Lion were crazy! Amazing time spent there, that was the best bit of the trip for me.

We've been to Qarabag and everywhere.....

Yeah- I was in and out of there for three days include last night ("we want our taxis back!" And "Stifflers mum"). Managed about an hours sleep last night...:lol:

One bloke had his hotel cancelled and ended up sleeping on their floor/spare bedroom - bumped into him at the airport and he'd basically been there for three days solid save the game.

Now at Milan airport...


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I woke up about 4 times after the game thinking it was a bad dream. But yeah I'm pretty detached too. I'll watch most games next season but **** the Europa League. I'll be more interested if we gut the squad even if we end up having to playing youth. Rather see us struggle with youth players than struggle with 350k p/w players.

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I was much sadder in 2006 after the CL Final. I am pretty detached now with the club, the new regime and the this crop of players. I don't lose sleep after a loss anymore.

Kinda agree. Just had put a lot of hope of this being start of something, something new and fresh, for me starting to care more about Arsenal.


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Well I turned it off after Giroud’s goal because I knew exactly what was coming. Woke up to see it ended 4-1. Pretty glad that I’ve tought myself to let go of this club a little bit. At least enough to not be absolutely gutted with a loss like this one. I don’t need that kind of anger in my life.

Onto the next season. Maybe a couple signings can get me excited again.


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The most gutless, clueless performance in the history of our club. We’ve got bunch of cowards who haven’t got an ounce of self respect or desire to win.

I want 90% of them out of my club and I don’t care if we finish 17th next season, bin these losers and let’s play the kids...at least they’ll give their all.

PS. I bet the Giroud fan boys are happy that their man crush won a title.
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