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Who will win the Europa League?

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  1. Arsenal

  2. Chelsea

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  1. Mrs Bergkamp

    Mrs Bergkamp Established Member Trusted

    Nice words as per usual but all the hard work in the world won't help if you're simply not good enough.
  2. GunnerUK

    GunnerUK Well-Known Member

    Like most I imagine, I’m still totally gutted about the Loss it’s the first time I’ve come on here since that whistle blew at 90mins.

    Just can’t get it out of my head it’s soul destroying. Thinking the compete worse

    • Minimal transfer budget
    • Can’t move players on cause of wages
    • Will an offer come in for PEA or Lacca
    • Who could we sign to take us up levels
    • Everybody else will Strengthen

    Just so much to take in going into next season I read what Martín Keown suggested about us slipping back into 80’s Arsenal - mid table lol club ect..

    We need a really positive summer and a huge slice of luck
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  3. ptrcopp

    ptrcopp Well-Known Member

    Today was the first time I felt like posting. I met a friend yesterday and talked about what we did at Easter, plans for summer, and even politics, but it was nice to feel away from football. Also saw Grandparents.

    I think we’re more like Liverpool 4 years ago than 80s Arsenal. It’s clear what ups: it’s lack of quality, lack of a system, lack of any true structure or system. It’s a problem throughout the rest of the PLC.
  4. celestis

    celestis Arsenal-Mania Veteran Moderator

    Being called a donkey on socail media and being blamed for 2014/2105 can make a man bitter . :lol:

    At the same time though AW treated him well despite his indiscretions .
  5. Manberg

    Manberg Predator

    Do people really think the players write these tweets themselves?
    That Sokratis can master perfect English in a tweet. Naah it’s all a PR machine.
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  6. Ceballinhos

    Ceballinhos Cheating on Santi

  7. yorch44

    yorch44 Well-Known Member

    That did not happen before because we were always in CL spot with Wenger. Only one year out of CL and he left. And even that... team has a better idea attacking. Emery is not top level team.
  8. FinnGooner

    FinnGooner Well-Known Member

    Two consecutive finishes out of top 4 with Wenger, first 5th then 6th. So if Emery replicates that performance in his first season with a squad that is not built by him, I don't consider that as proof enough to judge him as a failure. Even Pep and Klopp needed time to get any kind of results and they got much more financial backing from their respective clubs.

    I was always pretty vocal about my view that it was time to replace Wenger. However, I was also quite vocal about my opinion that it was never going to be easy to replace him and that it might take multiple manager changes to find the right guy to take over for a longer period of time. But finding the right guy means actually giving people a fair chance to prove themselves. I'm not claiming to know that Emery is the right guy but I don't know that he is not either. So I think we should at least give him two seasons, especially since the first season results were not awful. In fact they were pretty much exactly what you would expect with our spending. Knee-jerking around, changing managers every season, without a chance for them to mold the squad, is the worst possible choice.

    Now as for Özil, no matter if Emery is the manager or somebody else, I've seen enough to have an opinion on him and my opinion is that despite his obvious talent level, he is not worth his salary and at 30, he is certainly not the guy we should keep building the team around.
  9. Taylor Gang Gunners

    Taylor Gang Gunners Shame is a dish best served cold Trusted

    Are we supposed to be heartbroken by his comments? I’ve seen so many publications @ us Arsenal fans. Who cares what Giroud said, not like he’s a club legend.
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  10. The White Pelè

    The White Pelè Human Highlight Reel

    Can we close this thread? :p
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