UEFA Europa League Semi-Finals (Aug 16-17)


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Fernández Saez* ex Liverpool levelled the score. That must have hurt :lol::lol::lol:
* the guy has a very long name. Which totally throw me regarding Luuk de Jong.... :)
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Lautaro typical South American slum mentality striker. Quite small but his tenacity, his leap, his aggressiveness and how he's instinctive in front of goal makes up for it. The type of striker you dream of having up front.

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Look at how compact Inter, constantly plugging gaps thus making Shaktar always play that extra pass. Feel as tho Shaktar might get some joy wide tho if they can move it quicker and get their winger/full-backs in a 2 v 1 situation against the Inter wing backs. Also need more 3rd man runs arriving into the box when they get it wide.

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That's what top forwards do, they score in big semi-finals. Others bottle it completely. I'll say no more.


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Guys got 14 international caps for Finland. Shocking player :lol:

I remembered this post. Just gotta say he was very big part of why Finland got it's first ever Euro Tournament place. Bossing the midfield.

Very close to getting a draw against Wales (we had open net chance but CB Leo Väisänen hit the post from 1 meter) before Wales scored, so lost 0-1.

Today we won 0-1 Ireland, first win ever against them. Kamara is essential with his Arsenal touch in the midfield, pure magic compared to our usual level with players.

I think there have even been rumours of a transfer to EPL and Gerrard has praised him.