UEFA Nations League


UEFA have just announced the UEFA Nations League for 2018-19. Havent't heard any discussion about this until now. Maybe its just me being out of the loop.

But this seems really confusing. This will probably add a lot of national games to our European players.

Kind of a neat idea, even if it seems to be a bit of a money grab. I wonder if the constant league games, leading into a connected Euro, will take away some of the wonder of a quadrennial tournament?

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I’m no moron but I still haven’t understood how this is gonna work. Like the OP I am very confused about all this.

Also, How will this affect the EURO qualification? And as Georgia said this might take the gloss out of the EURO. One of the main attractions of the EURO was that it was the event where European soccer’s major footballing nations faced off. Germany vs Italy. France vs Spain, etc.

Maybe I will start getting it once they start playing the matches and as it progresses.


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So this is now what we play instead of friendlies. And I’m right in thinking there is an actual winnable trophy in this.

So we can watch international fixtures with a bit of excitement, this can actually turn out to be huge credit to UEFA

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Literally the last two teams we faced in the world cup qualifiers are with us in a group in this too, ****ing great. :lol:


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Hope this works out and is built upon!

Ditch the euros and just have a small direct ko tourney

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These eleven men will kick-start my journey of rooting against Germany in every game

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every Welsh player singing Welsh national anthem in Welsh, but not a peep out of Giggs or his assistants - you'd have thought he would have learnt it now he's the Welsh manager

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