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UEL: Arsenal vs Molde | Thursday 5th November | 20:00 GMT | BT Sports 2

Who was your MOTM?

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You Wanna Come Out Here?

Mari and Martinelli will of course miss the game, Luiz and Chambers are both doubts. Smith-Rowe on the bench?


3-0 to the Arsenal.


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I’d keep Elneny in to keep his form going, it’s not like he can’t handle it.

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Chambers - Mustafi - Xhaka
Cedric - Elneny - Willock - AMN
Nelson - Nketiah - ESR

I think this could be a contender for a likely team although I think we’ll probably see Pepe starting for ESR.

I want ESR to play as this is the time for him to feature with qualification not far away from being locked up already.

If we rest Pepe there could be a chance for him to finally start over Lacazette and move Auba centrally against Villa.

Also I have a feeling Arteta will want our “attacking” midfield set up against Villa and that’d mean Ceballos with Partey.

Think Elneny will feature in mostly big games in the league this year.

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Play the weakest team possible and they will still win. Showing off against this kind of team ticks some boxes but has no effect other than getting players tired and/or injured.

Cost us the three points against Leicester last time, pure genius.
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