UEL Group Stage: Rapid Vienna vs Arsenal | Thursday 22 October | 17.55 | BT Sport

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Arséne Wenger: "I will miss you"
Don't worry.
Our creative play will instantly spark us back to life and get this game wrapped. #not

****, this very much looks like emery and his tactics of being afraid of competition too much.


Hale End FC
Change something ffs. We've been ****e since before the goal, we clearly can't keep playing with this lineup.


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Can’t wait for Aubameyang to come on, watch him play on the left and see him get a handful of touches.


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It feel like such a fad and it never looks solid. Every time we play out the back and get pressed we look panicky, I really hate it. The whole goalkeepers passing thing is just corny.

Additionally because of it we take so long to progress the ball up the pitch.

It's partly why our attack looks so **** we spend about 10 years p*ssing it around at the back.
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