UEL Quarter-Final 2nd Leg: Slavia Prague (1) v Arsenal (1) | Thursday, April 15 | KO: 20:00 BST | BT Sport

Who Goes Through To The Semi-Final?

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Not sure about playing all three of them here especially when not fully fit, think we still need directness of one of Martinelli and Pepe, especially as we should be setting out to score at least two goals. Would do Saka, whoever is more fit between Ödegaard and ESR, and I just slightly favour Martinelli over Pepe for this one.

ESR trained today. I expect him to start in the midfield meaning Saka moves to the wing. Arteta has a tricky decision to make with Martinelli and Pepe on the wing. I would love Martinelli to play due to his ability to press high and keep the defenders busy with his runs and direct play. However Pepe has been playing well and has the experience needed and Arteta may go for that.

Our best chances have been created based on our ability and insistence of playing from the back. Yes it has also been an achilles with the goals we have conceded due to unforced and forced errors in the process. However fan and media pressure , stats being pasted all over the web may have forced the team to go safe. Over the past few games we have been booting it away and our creativity deep too..... badly. It must change. Arteta and the team must be brave and keep doing what we did before and playing from the back. In the long run , we can only get better , and in the summer address how we can bring in defenders and midfielders who can fit into the system.

I want Mari to start this game with Xhaka on the left. It works well with our ability to play from the back and beat the press. If we can beat the early press and keep playing from the back , we have enough upfront to score goals. Once we beat the press and have space running into the opponents half , we have enough in Saka , ESR , Pepe , Laca to convert chances.


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I don't get why they decided to ban the victim for 3 games. Still weak punishment if you want to punish someone then ban him for playing Uefa games for rest of his career so other players will be warned


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I'd drop Laca and go with Pepe and Martinelli.

Did to be more adventurous.

Chambers Holding Gabriel Xhaka
Partey Ceballos Saka
--------Smith Rowe-------

We need to score and create chances.

Laca slows the play down.


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Kamara seems like one of those softly spoken nutcases. You don't blame him for reacting, but if he assaulted the guy then he should also be punished, but not to the same extent.


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As a black man, I genuinely don't care about the length of the ban. The problem isn't how many games he will miss. The problem is that he got found guilty of racist behaviour. So in turn a ban doesn't do anything apart from stop him from playing, the same way an injury would.

I am also not in the camp of him never playing again. What I think should happen is that he needs to be educated and he needs to display that he understands what he has done and that he would not return to the sport unless he underwent this 'rehabilitation'. Whether it be a 6 month course of studying black history and learning about the psychological effects of his beliefs or his comments. He would need to be assessed by the end of it and if he failed he would not play again for a further 6 months. That's how I would do it.

People are ignorant. People are raised a certain way, but people can change. If he continues to be racist then it would lead to him never playing again. If he decides to make an effort to change his ways then he has a chance. That's how I would do it.


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Looks like no auba or Ødegaard in training picture? If they miss i hope mikel go with Saka ESR Pepe Laca. No Willian players we need players who run and try create space for themselves

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If Arteta plays Cedric LW, then you should play a player with an opposing foot to him so that they don't get in eachother's way and can compliment eachother:
Chambers Holding Gabriel Cedric
Partey Xhaka
Saka ESR Pepe

If we go for Xhaka at LB then we should play Martinelli ahead of him like we did vs Sheffield.


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For me, this should be the forward line:


If needed, bring Pepe on from the bench for Martinelli.

I really don’t want to see Auba or Willian on the pitch tomorrow. Either as a starting player or substitute. Keep them far from the game at all costs.


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It will be Willian, it also should be Willian. Stop doing this to yourselves.

1st leg we paid the price for the downgrade that was going from Willian to Martinelli, no way we should have that mistake in the starting lineup

Anyway, feel it'll be all about Pepe this time. Pepe miracle goal or we go out.
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