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Loss UEL R16 2nd Leg: Arsenal 1 (3) v 1 (5) Sporting CP (2) | Thursday, March 16 | KO: 20:00 GMT | BT Sport

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The Matt Turner slander isn't looking great.


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Lol ramsdale what a knob why are you there?


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**** me.

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It works. I am just waiting until everyone has copied it, then I shall come up with something new.

Herbert Chapman on the famous WM formation

2024 Summer Transfers Deadline

Daily Transfer Updates

Monday, July 22

Gabriel Jesus is a target for Saudi Pro League club Al-Ahly [Some Saudi guy]

Riccardo Calafiori’s move to Arsenal is imminent after the was left out of Bologna’s squad for their preseason tour [Gazzetta Dello Sport]

After Calafiori joins, Arsenal will look to move for a midfielder and a forward to strengthen their squad [Evening Standard]

Arsenal and Bologna are working on the documents to complete the Calafiori deal [Matteo Morreto]

Marseille are closing in on a deal for Eddie Nketiah, with personal terms already agreed [L’Equipe]

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